Musician Jack Johnson takes his views on the environment seriously, and it’s reflected in the charities and efforts he makes during every tour, including his latest one. It makes two stops July 28-29 at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys Lake Tahoe.

As part of an international campaign called All at Once, Johnson’s tours encourage plastic-free concession stands and encourage groups who have hands-on environmental projects, such as sustainable local food systems, the chance to have literature at his shows.

It’s likely that Johnson’s emphasis on the environment comes from his nature-based upbringing, as both surfing and music have been a part of Johnson’s life since his early childhood. He was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii, and at first went into professional surfing until he suffered a bad accident. Eventually, Johnson found his way to the University of California-Santa Barbara. A campus with a vibrant music scene, he led bands and eventually opened for the group G. Love and Special Sauce, who featured him on one of their recordings in 1999.

It was soon after that when Johnson met producer J.P. Plunier, who offered to help Johnson with his self-released debut in 2001, “Brushfire Fairytales.” The album’s songs earned enough radio airplay that major label Universal picked it up for re-release. It eventually sold a million copies and hit the top 30 on the Billboard album charts. “Fairytales” features the radio hits “Flake,” “Bubble Toes” and “Drink the Water.”

From this point on, all of Johnson’s studio albums have hit the top 5 on the charts. Second album “On and On” made it to No. 3 and sold a million copies in 2003. Follow-up “In Between Dreams,” released two years later, bested that with a No. 2 placement and sales of two million. The best known songs from these two records are “The Horizon Has Been Defeated,” “Taylor,” “Sitting Wishing Waiting” and “Better Together.”

Johnson earned four more No. 1 albums: the soundtrack to the film “Curious George” in 2006, “Sleep Through the Static” in 2008, “To the Sea” in 2010 and “From Here to Now to You” in 2013. His latest album, “All The Light Above It Too,” will be released by Universal on Sept. 8.

Other songs that Johnson is known for include “Upside Down,” “If I Had Eyes,” “I Got You” and “You and Your Heart,” which is his only top 20 pop hit to date.

Johnson is also known for his film-making skills. He has directed four surfing films, all of which also prominently feature his music. He is planning to be featured and score a documentary about pollution in the ocean, called “The Smog of the Sea,” which is scheduled to be released later this year.

Jam/alternative band ALO will open the July 28 show in Lake Tahoe, while singer/songwriter John Craigie opens the show on July 29.   

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