For the California reggae-rock band Rebelution, it’s all falling into place. Hence the name of their latest album, which has also become a mainstream breakthrough for a group that has been around for more than a decade.

“We named the album ‘Falling Into Place’ because all of our varied inspirations and experiences came together into one cohesive collection of music that we really love,” said Eric Rachmany, vocalist and guitarist with Rebelution on the band’s official website. The group plays its largest show ever in the region on June 30 at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena.

That variance of inspirations has always been a part of Rebelution’s sound. The band started in 2004 with Rachmany, bassist Marley D. Williams, drummer Wesley Finley and keyboardist Rory Carey. All four members were attending school at the University of California, Santa Barbara while also gaining a regional following.

With more of a traditional reggae sound that others in their genre, the group stood out and found above-ground success pretty quickly. Their debut album, “Courage to Grow,” was released in June 2007 on a small indie label, as the band earned airplay on large commercial rock stations in California.

The band’s second record, “Bright Side of Life,” was released in 2009 and continued the band’s forward momentum. It reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top Reggae Albums chart as well as the top 30 on Billboard’s regular charts. It was during this time that the group also started to make its way on the festival circuit, as it played at Austin City Limits, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza to support “Bright Side.”

At the same time, Rebelution emphasized keeping try to a reggae sound at its base, even with some twists into pop and rock along the way.

“We’re about being present with the music instead of just thinking about the outcome and the limelight,” Rachmany said on the band’s website. “We’re not making music to hit a certain demographic. We’re just making music that we enjoy.”

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This led to a successful third studio record, “Peace of Mind,” in 2012. It ended up reaching No. 13 on the overall Billboard album charts. A fourth album called “Count Me In,” was released two years later and reached No. 14 on the Billboard charts. It was also the band’s third consecutive No. 1 album on Billboard’s reggae albums chart. The band also expanded its touring base to include New Zealand, Europe and South America and continued to make the rounds at major festivals around America.

Now with “Falling Into Place,” the band is continuing to make further mainstream inroads. Released by respected reggae label Easy Star Records after three albums the band put out on their own, the record earned the group its first Grammy nomination. Rebelution also sold out the prestigious Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

The band’s best known songs include “Inhale/Exhale,” “De-Stress,” “Safe and Sound,” “Sky is the Limit,” and “Outta Control.”

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