Blues-rock guitarist David M'ore brings his high-octane playing style to Reno, where he'll headline a concert at 9 p.m. Dec. 9 at Rockbar Theater in downtown Reno.

M'ore is presently riding a musical hot streak that has not only seen him headline the annual Kern River Rock 'N Blues Festival this past September; he was also recently named an endorsee for world-renowned Ernie Ball guitar strings — joining other guitar contemporary greats including Jimmy Page, Steve Vai, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck and Albert Lee, to name a few.

M'ore's most recent album, "Passion, Soul & Fire," has generated interest in the musician, including a cover story that appeared in the Auburn Journal in April. Read the article here.

More about M'ore

From the beginning, traditional blues and British neoclassical hard rock played a very important role in the evolution of the David M'ore style. Born in Argentina, he picked up an old guitar that his Godfather bought him for his eighth birthday and immediately began to explore vintage records. "The aggressive sound of the guitar drove me emotionally insane," said M'ore. "I still listen to those old records from Johnny Winter. That's where it all began."

A born troubadour, M'ore frequently moved around the world as well as throughout the U.S. before finally settling in Hollywood in 1990. After the split-up of his band Blind Hole and his refusing to accept the oncoming Grunge Movement, M'ore escaped to Sacramento in 1993, winning a Sacramento Music Award there in the process.

David M'ore has taken his guitar pyrotechnics to a different level. Performing on a custom-made Strat carefully modified to his specifications, the guitarist demonstrates his acclaimed six-string technique on both originals and cover tunes. "I love to pay tribute to those who influenced me, but at the same time, I like to be true to who I am," said M'ore, whose influences include guitar greats Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Joe Satriani, Johnny Winter and Albert King.

Tickets to his show at Rockbar Theater are just $10. For more information call 669-255-7960 or click here.

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