Between the most recent Mega Millions hysteria and Powerball hoopla prior to that, consumers around the country demonstrate time and time again they want to test their luck with the hopeful outcome of a big jackpot.

So what are Nevadans to do when the jackpots rise?

Some make the trek over into California to buy lottery tickets, while others miss the boat altogether, not having the time to wait and purchase a ticket. But now, northern Nevada residents have an opportunity to become instant millionaires, and right here in Reno.

Keno is an easy game to learn and play, with no strategy required. Here’s a general rundown:

Step 1

Get a Keno ticket. The card is numbered 1-80.

Step 2

Select nine numbers and mark them on your Keno ticket.

Step 3

Write PRO 9 on the top of your Keno ticket.

Step 4

Give your Keno ticket to the Keno Runner at the Keno counter.  An electronic copy will be issued back to you for you to follow along with the games as they are pulled.

Step 5

Watch the screens as 20 balls are selected randomly by the Keno machine. If your numbers match the numbers pulled, you’re a winner!

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