Are you in need of a place to take your dog to run or to explore outside? While many city and regional parks feature walking paths to take your dog outside on-leash, there also are several dog parks in the area that allow these family pets to be off-leash in a safe and gated area – and that means 'happy-happy' for most dogs.

Here are 10 places to take your dog outdoors during the winter:

Link Piazzo Dog Park

The Link Piazzo Dog Park at Hidden Valley Regional Park features two fenced-in areas: one for dogs less than 30 pounds and the other for larger-sized dogs. The park's grassy areas include benches, shade structures, waste bags, trash cans, trees and brush, ample parking, water fountains, a fantastic landscape and more. Double-gated entrances make it easy for dogs to go in and out of the fenced-in areas. Restrooms also are nearby. The park is at 4740 Parkway Drive, off of Pembroke Drive. 

Virginia Lake Dog Park

Virginia Lake Dog Park, near Virginia Lake at Mountain View and Lakeside Drive, is a one-acre gated dog park that is easily accessible to nearby residents. Parking may be harder for people driving to the area to find. The dog park includes water fountains, benches, a waste-bag dispenser and an agility course with barrels and other features. An area is also available for smaller dogs.

Whitaker Dog Park

College students wanting to give their pets some love can head to Whitaker Dog Park, 550 University Terrace, between Washington and Ralston streets near the University of Nevada, Reno. This .75-acre fenced-in dog park features benches, trees and a picnic table, but can be loud due to traffic from the nearby freeway. Double-gated entrances are featured on both the east and west side of the park.

Sparks Marina Dog Park

Dogs can head out for a swim at the Sparks Marina Dog Park, which includes a grassy area located on the south side of the park which leads up to the edge of the water. The gates even extend into the water to prevent dogs from escaping around them. The park, at 300 Howard Drive in Sparks, includes benches for sitting, a double-gated entrance and waste disposal bags. Dog owners also can enjoy walking their dog, on-leash, around the marina. Ducks, American coots, yellow-headed blackbirds and other wildlife make this park picturesque. 

Betsy Caughlin Donnelly Park

Betsy Caughlin Donnelly Park, 3295 Mayberry Drive, can be a great place to walk a dog on-leash, especially with six acres of beautiful grounds, landscaped areas, benches, walking paths and incredible mountainous views. A large 20-acre pasture is adjacent to the landscaped area and Scraps Dog Bakery and Walden's Coffeehouse also are nearby. 

Bartley Ranch Regional Park

Head out with your dog on a trail at Bartley Ranch Regional Park and enjoy pristine views, ambling landscapes, and picnic areas. The park, off of Lakeside Drive, south of McCarran Boulevard, includes 56-acres of pasture, the historic Huffaker School and an amphitheater, but the real pleasure comes from exploring all of this park's hidden gems. Dogs should be on a leash. 

Rancho San Rafael Regional Park

The Multi-Use Pasture at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park gives dogs an opportunity to run off-leash. People may not be aware that this area reopened after a closure in the winter of 2015-16, but it is now available for use again. However, a portion on the east side of the pasture remains closed. Parking is plentiful and dog-lovers may find other places to walk their dogs on-leash in the park, at 1595 N. Sierra St.

Mayberry Park

Mayberry Park, 121 Woodland Drive, is full of promise when it comes to exploring with a furry pet. Although dogs do need to be on leash here, there are grassy fields for relaxation, trails to explore and scenic areas to enjoy. Possible wildlife sightings could include jays, woodpeckers, hawks and more. 

Idlewild Park

On-leash exploration with your dog can be delightful at Idlewild Park, 2055 Idlewild Drive, not far from downtown Reno. A walking trail runs along the Truckee River, providing lovely views of birds, the moving water and rustling trees. Stop and enjoy the grassy fields of the park or sit outside the skate park or rose garden with your dog. Parking is plentiful most days. 

Huffaker Park

Get a small work-out climbing up to the gazebo at the top of Huffaker Park, 1160 E. Huffaker Lane in south Reno. A two-mile trail encompasses the hill top, offering wonderful views of the adjacent vicinity. Dog owners will likely run into other dog walkers, runners and exercise enthusiasts, so keep that dog on a leash. Trash cans, picnic tables and grassy fields are located at the entrance to this nine-acre park. There is no parking on site, making the best option for parking along Huffaker Lane.

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