It's that time of year when the need to see holiday lights is strong. Which places are the best to see? As it turns out, there are several homes across town that are well-lit with color. Here is a list of five must-see homes (or areas) to check out.

  1. The Parade of Lights means that homes in Hidden Valley are lit up for their annual lights contest. Be sure to stop at 7156 Pebble Beach Road, which boasts a green inflatable dragon, inflatable polar bear, twinkling trees, a colorful roof and more. Further along at the corner of Skokie Way and Saint Andrews Drive is a home bedecked all in white lights, including the fence and the roof, while a little white-lit dog sits at the top of the driveway. It's always done up at 113 Mia Vista Court, with the back of this home visible from East Hidden Valley Drive. A Christmas train crests the top of its roof while Santa waves from the back yard. Drive around to the front of the home and be blasted by an array of color and lights.
  2. The LightShowBro is back in action Nov. 30 through Dec. 31 in Sparks. Simply head to 5555 Junction Peak Drive, Sparks, to enjoy a 13-minute synchronized light show with a custom mix of music. To hear the music, tune your radio to 89.3 FM. A mega tree, mega star, leaping arches, candy canes and lights under the eaves help to bring color to this yard. More than 20,000 lights, unimaginable lengths of extension cord and countless zip ties went into this show. The street can become crowded with light-seekers, so one of the best ways to see this home's lights is from a curve farther up the street.
  3. 4435 Dancing Moon Court, Sparks, off of Los Altos Parkway, is a colorful, charming home full of twinkling color. It boasts the added valued of holiday tunes when visitors set their radios to 88.1 FM. The yard is abundant with color, sparkling lights on the trees, and one-of-a-kind figurines, including a Santa, snowman and two smiling light bulbs hanging on the garage door. Miniature Christmas trees and other decorations make this yard scream "ready-for-the-holidays." On your way back from this home, be sure to check out the two houses with colorful lights at the intersection of Gideon Street and Desert Highlands Road. The colors and inflatables there also add to the viewing pleasure in the area.
  4. Head to 2380 Solitude Drive, off of Mount Rose Highway, to find an impressively well-lit home and yard, including strobe lights moving up and down the columns of the porch, bushes flashing in colored lights, and inflatables, including a reindeer, Santa Claus and dragon, filling out the lawn. As a bonus, further down the street are several homes decorated using white lights. In the same neighborhood is 2180 Stowe Drive. With flashing lollipops lining the sidewalk up to the porch, white-lit bushes, colored icicles on the trees and white lights on the columns of the porch, this home is a beautiful display of lights to see, too.
  5. In Double Diamond, head to Comstock Park to see two homes providing superb holiday color on either side of the park. The first home features a fence in red-and-green twinkling lights, windows outlined in red, a deep turquoise-lit tree in the yard and white lights twinkling from around the edges of the roof. The other home, at 1620 Gulch Way, is worth a look close-up. White and green wreaths bring color to its fence line, but the truly impressive feature is the dozen-plus holiday inflatables that decorate the front yard. These inflatables include Minnie Mouse, Olaf and Sven, the Grinch and, several adorable Minions climbing up a tree in the front yard.
  6. The Lights of Tanea, in South Reno close to the South Valleys Library, is subdued this year with only a few homes having any lights. In years past, this street has been abundant with color, but that is not the case in 2017. The Lights of Tanea website has not been updated since December 2016 and the suggestion seems to be that the annual tradition has ended.
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