Note: Wild River Grille is not serving corned beef and cabbage this year.

When thinking of St Party’s – ahem, St. Paddy's – Day, thoughts can immediately sway to the potentially painful next morning. Per a study cited by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, hangovers “account for a two-fold increased likelihood of absenteeism the day after alcohol consumption.”

While that may not be an issue for many this year since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday (March 17), you can still fend off a dreaded hangover while reveling in Irish merriment with these tips.

Ye ole one-to-one ratio

Our kidneys, our friends. Kidneys remove excess fluids and waste from our bodies, and alcohol is not a friend to them.

Alcohol consumption suppresses a naturally secreted anti-diuretic hormone in our bodies called vasopressin. Suppression of this hormone often results in dehydration, which can adversely affect electrolyte balance in the body. Stay hydrated throughout the holiday by drinking a glass of water per cocktail may avert some of the painful aftereffects of the body’s natural reaction to consuming excessive alcohol.

Stick to Irish brews

The beer-loving folks in Ireland have it down — brewing beers with lower alcohol by volume (ABV) makes it a wee bit easier to tip back more. Guinness is only 4.2 percent alcohol, and Smithwick’s comes in at 4.5 percent.

Compare those levels with some “light” beers with ABVs ranging between 2 percent to 4 percent, or many delectable microbrews that come in at or exceed 6 percent and can reach well into the double-digits, and Irish beers can seem downright reasonable. Locally, Great Basin Brewing Co. is featuring an Irish ale at its Reno and Sparks locations, the McClary Irish Red at 5.6 percent ABV.

If yours is an all-day or all-night Irish merriment mission, sticking to the lower alcohol levels might ease your pain the following day.

Celebrate with food instead

Corned beef and cabbage is a culinary tradition founded by Irish Americans. Throughout Reno and Sparks, there are many places to dine on Irish and Irish-American dishes on March 17 that may help subvert the desire — or at least provide a nice accompaniment — for booze.

Many local restaurants and bars are celebrating Ireland’s national holiday, like Ceol Irish Pub in Reno, which has an annual party featuring food trucks hawking Irish fare on the patio.

O’Skis Pub and Grill in Sparks has an extensive menu of Irish and Irish-inspired items, such as Irish potato skins, Irish tacos and shepherd’s pie. Head farther east to O’Cleary’s Irish Pub in the Outlets at Sparks for some fish and chips, Irish stew or whiskey bangers with Guinness gravy.

Stay at home

Cooking up corned beef, potatoes and cabbage in the comfort of your own home — with or without libations — is a fine way to celebrate the Irish culture.

While corned beef may not have sprung from the North Atlantic isle, potatoes certainly are a staple there. There are myriad ways to prepare spuds, Irish or otherwise. Whether you choose to prepare one of these corned beef recipes, one of these potato recipes from the Irish Food Board, or create a menu all your own, celebrate from home — maybe even learn an Irish jig.

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