Download the app. Get free popcorn. It's that easy.

Cinemark Holdings, Inc. announced plans to reward current and new members of their loyalty program, Cinemark Connections, with a free medium popcorn in all theatres across the United States on Friday, Sept. 30. The offer is a free benefit and requires no redemption of customer’s points. Moviegoers who are not already members can easily download the Cinemark app and join the Cinemark Connections loyalty program within a few minutes.

Connections is a completely app-based loyalty program where guests earn points for ticket and concession purchases, as well as successful use of CineMode and social media sharing. Guests can then redeem points earned for traditional rewards, such as concessions, as well as unique experiential rewards, including one-of-a-kind gifts, trips, content, contests, screenings, digital downloads, games, etc.

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