Virginia City is not a theme park

It is considered among the most haunted places in the world. On Oct. 8, 2016 fight your way through some of the most chilling landmarks ever documented including cemeteries, century-old train tunnels, mining bunkers, corpse-like buildings and down the center of one of the oldest "living" ghost towns in the country — all while trying to escape the abominations of Armageddon. This will be the most frightening run of your life.

Experience means nothing. This October, everything will change: the courses, the landmarks, the obstacles. The world itself will be torn apart. All forms of society will cease to exist. The Comstock will crawl with cannibalistic corpses and the crazy. These living insane will hunt you down to feed the fleshed-starved dead. Nothing out there will help you stay alive. You and your friends will be on your own. 

Can you survive Armageddon?

Better run like hell

Runners must fight off zombies trying to take their flags while they maneuver through the landmarks of Virginia City, obstacle courses and attacks of "blood" bombs. Runners can choose to take on the 6.66 mile course or the shorter 3.33 mile course. Participants can also register to be a zombie or a member of the living insane. Register here.

Every week leading up to the event Redrun is revealing a Dead Zone. This year, the Burn Zone is back. 140 years ago, the Great Fire burned most of Virginia City to the ground. A new eruption of flames has once again scorched the landscape. The fresh black soot and tree ash will make for an authentic post Great Fire experience.

In its fourth year, Redrun anticipates up to 3,000 runners to participate in the event. The run begins with a zombie procession down the center of Virginia City and a terrifying runner launch which is being kept under wraps until the day of the event. There is also a saloon crawl for participants and spectators. The festivities are capped off with a live concert.

History of a Dead Zone: The Great Fire

Virginia City was once the largest city in the state of Nevada and considered one of the richest in the country. In the early morning hours of Oct. 26, 1875 that prosperity was lit ablaze. The Great Fire burned for five hours, leaving in its wake a heap of smoking and falling ruins. Two-thirds of the city, some 2,000 buildings, were turned to ash. Water ran out and explosives from the mines were used to blow up buildings in an effort to stop the fire. Newspapers described it as if "the entire world was engulfed in roaring flames."

"Brick buildings went down like paper boxes," "railroad car wheels were melted" and "virtually all of the fire equipment in the city was destroyed."

Ten thousand people were left homeless. Some were burned while others were injured by falling debris. Some died, buried by collapsing walls. A falling wall on Union Street killed Mike Malone. The collapsing walls of a brewery crushed James H. Ketton. The body of an unidentified man was found in a jewelry store. Another unidentified man was "left to his fate" in a burning toy store when he ignored warnings to get out and instead continued to throw toys out into the street. Witnesses said he appeared to be drunk.

Some say the Great Fire sparked when two miners got too rowdy at Crazy Kate's Lodge and knocked over a lamp. However, no one really knows what happened. On July 4, 2016 flames broke out in the exact spot where Crazy Kate's once stood. So is it a fluke or is something more nefarious at play? You'll find out when you claw and crawl your way through the Burn Zone.

The fresh black soot and tree ash over this vast Dead Zone landscape will make for an authentic post Great Fire experience. Armageddon hits Virginia City Oct. 8th. We will be revealing more Dead Zones every week leading up to Redrun 4. Think you'll be ready? You're dead wrong.

Courtesy of RedrunVC

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