The 15th annual Night in the Country music festival returned to the fields of Yerington, Nevada, in July. One of the festival headliners, Kip Moore, released his sophomore album “Wild Ones” at the end of last year.

Moore’s first album “Up All Night” found critical and fan acclaim when it debuted in 2012, sending three of the singles found on the album to the top of the charts, including “Mary Was the Marrying Kind,” “Beer Money,” and the No. 1 “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck.” In the years since, Moore has hit the road for numerous tour and performances; sometimes playing more than 200 shows during the course of a year. His newest album, “Wild Ones,” was praised widely by critics, making multiple top ten lists including Rolling Stone’s sixth best country album of 2015.

A Georgia native, Moore spent time in Hawaii after graduating college – spending his days backpacking around the island and learning how to surf. After moving to Nashville, Tennessee, Moore spent eight years developing his sound before recording “Up All Night.”

Night in the Country’s website describes his style as “a sound that bangs as hard as it twangs. A sound caught somewhere between blue-collar country music and stadium-sized rock and roll,” and his live show that, “mixes the bombast and wild desperation of Bruce Springsteen with the roots-y stomp of Merle Haggard.”

Moore hopes that his live performances will live up to the energy and authenticity of his studio album. In an interview with Night in the Country, he said, “It's a record about what we've gone through, and I wanted the music to match the intensity of what we do every night onstage. We never go through the motions, no matter how tired and exhausted we are.”

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