Good news Pokemon trainers. The Reno PokéCrawl is a go!

Stock up on Pokeballs, grab your teammates and come out from 8 p.m. to whenever Sept. 17 to catch them all — and by all we mean beer and more beer. No need to bring your battery pack, charging stations will be set up along the route.

But why?

Crawl Reno organizer Ed Adkins believes the experience the app provides — the idea of exploration and meeting new groups of people — is the same experience that keeps attendees coming to the local area crawls.

"From the time that the game launched, people have been begging us to create this event, and once we played it we realized this is a game changer," said Adkins. "Instead of sitting at home, people are playing this game, going out and meeting each other — that’s exactly why they love crawls too.”

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Here's the basics

Cups will be available in three different colors to correspond with the app's three Pokemon teams — red, blue and yellow. Organizers will also have Pokestops and Gyms clearly marked along the crawl route.

  • 22 bars: All Pokéstops and Gyms will be clearly marked
  • Specials: $3 drinks & beers to tickle your Licki-tungs
  • Entertainment: Bands, DJs and more to keep your Pollywaggin
  • Custom Pokémon-themed giveaways
  • Costume contests: So come dressed up
  • Lures: Dropping all night

Get your cup.

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