A lively and energetic musician steeped in a musical background featuring a range of artists from Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson, Olivia Lane made her debut at Night in the Country on July 23.

Lane is the president of her own independent label, unfalteringly enthusiastic in the development of her own personal story, told in songs like “Mama Raised Hell,” and “You Part 2.” Mixing pop and country in a way that is sunny yet inspiring, joyful yet honest, Lane works to inspire happiness in all of her performances.

“A lot of my material is about following your dreams,” Lane said in her biography on the festival website. “About being inspired. Life is wonderful, and why not sing about it?”

After studying at the University of Southern California, Lane took her love of musicianship and performing to Nashville, Tennessee, co-writing songs with other musicians and working on her self-produced EPs. To her, country music is less about a way of life or fitting into a persona and more about being honest about her experiences.

“Country music -- everyone has their own definition,” she said in the article. “For me, it’s a lifestyle and it’s true lyrics. If you’re writing something that’s true to you then that’s country. How I grew up, my lifestyle and stories – that’s No. 1 to me. Stories are everything.”

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