Some of the newest and most well-known acts in country music are drawing the crowds this year, including current country favorite and headliner Tyler Farr.

Farr released the majority of his top-10 singles in the past four years, including “A Guy Walks into a Bar” and platinum status “Redneck Crazy,” the titular track of his debut studio album of the same name in 2013. Following it up with his sophomore album, “Suffer in Peace,” which peaked at number four on the US Billboard Top 200, Farr has proven he has the instincts, the following and the will of a top country artist – not to mention his voice.

Farr’s vocal prowess comes from the unlikely background of classical opera – taking lessons as a teenager and studying voice at Missouri State University. He fell in love with country music at an early age, a product of his parents’ appreciation of old-time greats like Conway Twitty, Ronnie Milsap and Dan Seals – and, at 21, made his way to Nashville. After years of relentless touring, sometimes working other jobs on the side, Farr solidified his own unique sound and introspective style that has sold hundreds of thousands of albums to date.

In early 2015, Farr announced he would have to drop out of a tour with fellow musician Lee Brice due to complications with a polyp on his vocal chords. In an interview with Country Weekly, Farr describes how he eventually required surgery after waking up one day unable to speak at all. While his surgery required him to stay absolutely silent for the following 10 days, Farr said he has completely recovered – and is feeling and singing better than ever.

“It felt like I was just breathing, singing was so much easier,” he said in the interview. “My range increased on my high end five and a half notes from where it was, so not only did it get better, it got extremely better.”

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