This weekend is the fourth annual Biggest Little City Wing Fest, where competitors come to Reno to prove their dominance in the art of chicken wing cooking. Since everybody loved math in high school, we decided to take the statistical route to get you ready for a saucy weekend.

80,000: The number of attendees expected 

That is enough people to fill 3,200 baseball team rosters. Why baseball teams? Because baseball is one of the country's favorite summer pastimes, and football team rosters have an odd number of players. No one wants to deal with remainders when you are getting ready to eat chicken wings.

In all seriousness, that is a large crowd, and parking and pedestrian traffic will be crazy for those visiting the festival and traveling downtown. Make sure to factor that in when making your plans for the weekend.

22,000: The number of pounds of chicken wings that will be consumed

You read that correctly, 22,000 pounds of organic, range-fed chicken wings. Assuming there are 10 chicken wings in a pound, and the average length of a chicken wing is 3 inches, if you laid 22,000 pounds wings end to end, you would have just over 10 miles of delicious, saucy goodness. Coincidentally, that's probably how far we should run after each day at the wing fest.

$500: The first-prize cash reward

There will be five different categories: Best Hot Wing, Best Sweet Wing, Best Judges Choice Wing, People's Choice Wing and the Celebrity Choice Wing, and each will have a $500 first prize. That is a lot of bones (Do you see what I did there?) and the competitors will be doing anything and everything they can to prove that they weren't just winging it. No matter who wins, we win also.

$70: The cost of the all-you-can-eat option

There is that famous saying that goes, "all good things in moderation," but I'm sure that was coined long before the days of spicy wings and ice cold beer on a hot summer night. Man, that sentence was so pretty it was one sunset away from a Walt Whitman poem. To avoid nickle and dime-ing yourself to an early grave this weekend, consider the VIP Hen House. It will be running from 1-4 p.m. and 5-8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Entry gets you all-you-can-eat wings from all participating wing cookers, as well as sides and desserts provided by the Silver Legacy Resort Casino, host of the festival. Tickets are available through

$4: The price of a sampler platter

If you do believe in that "all things in moderation" nonsense, then there may be a better option than the hen house. Each competitor will offer three different wings for $4, giving you the opportunity to try 75 unique wings for just $100. With deals that great, they are practically giving them away. You know. In exchange for your money. We are not promising free wings. 

1.7 million: The number of moist towelettes you will need after attending the festival

And even then you will still have buffalo sauce all over your fingers.

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