This Saturday April 9 from 6-9 p.m. the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino is throwing a massive 21 and over banquet style party to raise money to support Renown Children's Hospital. Renown is the only hospital in Northern Nevada dedicated to the needs of children. More than 70 kids visit the hospital each day. Renown is well equipped to handle almost anything and has the region’s only children’s ER, specialty care and pediatric intensive care unit. The hospital has accumulated over three dozen awards and accreditations; one of these awards includes the Joint Commission award which labels Renown as having the highest quality patient care in the community.

For $50 per person the chefs at the Peppermill will take participants on a culinary trip around the world with a twisty tail. All the meals will contain some form of pork product. It is encouraged to buy tickets early. Registration for the event will happen between 2 and 6 p.m. at the Tuscany Welcome Center.

Located in the Peppermill’s Tuscany Ballroom, the large empty room will be transformed to accommodate seven buffet stations and seating for over 1000 people. The culinary journey starts in America where bacon is held on a pedestal. The next station lands participants in Asia with Thai Pork Belly, BBQ and peanut butter. Then participants take off to the Mediterranean for some surf and turf salmon and pork union. Finally participants will visit Latin America and dig into pork tacos with corn, black beans and rice. After participants have traveled the world, their culinary adventure still continues. There is a chilled station, a bacon-filled dessert station and maybe most importantly the all inclusive bar with pork inspired craft cocktails donated by Southern Wine & Spirits.

Meet The Chef: Executive Chef Mark Lund

Executive Chef Mark Lund runs the day to day operations at all the restaurants at the Peppermill Resort. He grew up in Chicago where he lived until he moved to Philadelphia to pursue his culinary dreams. Lund did his apprenticeship in Philadelphia and has been working at the Peppermill since the Fall of 1998. He is now responsible for all 15 kitchens making sure that everyone strives for perfection and makes safety priority number one.

He along with the banquet team wrote the menu and ordered the food for the event and will have a hand in every step of preparation. They ordered the pigs locally from Holley Family Farm and ordered other parts from various other suppliers.

The Pigs and Pours event hopes to have people leave happier than a pig in mud.

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