Not that long ago, eager attendees of Edge Nightclub at the Peppermill would board an elevator. Their anticipation would build as their destination drew near, and when the doors at last opened they would be greeted…by restrooms. This was far from the most auspicious way to begin one’s evening revelries and one of the first things to be addressed in Edge’s recent remodel.

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“One of the cool things about the remodel of the nightclub is that now it (the elevator) opens onto this very cool art piece,” said Julia Jeffers, the Peppermill’s assistant director of nightlife.

Where once there were bathrooms there is now a shining marquee. The design is retro, with the club’s name in lights. It features a black and white photograph seemingly straight out of the 1920s, an elegant woman laying atop a grand piano in all her flapper finery. At the same time, though, award winning DJ Four Color Zack is welcomed in bold, backlit letters.

The contrasts in Edge’s new marquee are symbolic of the remodel as a whole.

“One of the things that came up was 1920s meets 2020,” said Jeffers of early discussions of the redesign.

In pursuit of that goal, Edge Nightclub has undergone several changes meant to blend past and future into a unique night out. Here are the top three reasons to check it out.

3. The Artist’s Touch

In addition to the artistry on display in Edge’s new marquee, the club is filled with artful flourishes meant to transport club goers to a more elegant time and place. From crystal chandeliers to art pieces by local artists and photographers like Mike Cowan, Stephanie Bolin, Anicia Beckwith and Becky Murway, the new Edge Nightclub radiates with the sophistication of a bygone era. Even the wallpaper is designed to evoke echoes of the past.

“We’ve always felt that there was an art to nightlife,” said Jeffers. “From really true DJ talent to the dancers and choreographers to the art of great service.”

2. The New Revue

Edge’s commitment to artistry extends far beyond what’s on the walls. In addition to renovating the decor, dancers at the club have revamped their routines as well.

“It’s not what you think of in terms of Vegas style go-go dancing,” said Jeffers. “It has more of a burlesque style to it. It’s a little bit more theatrical.”

That theatricality involves creating choreographed vignettes with retro costuming, backdrops and props. Dancers perform their scenes from two windowed dance boxes and from platforms that bring the dancers closer to the audience.

“It’s a really cool thing to see,” said Jeffers.

1. They Have the Technology

For all the retro retooling, Edge Nightclub has remained consistent in its commitment to the art of DJing and has used the new remodel to make the musical experience more vibrant.

The work of these turntable ninjas is now enriched by new technological wizardry, including LED panels that surround the expanded dance floor and relocated DJ booth that overlooks the entire club. Those LED panels contain more that 14 million pixels and combine with powerful lasers to create a unique club experience.

“It definitely is a compliment to the music,” said Jeffers. “It’s definitely something that enhances the experience of the music and the DJ.”

Edge Nightclub is open Thursday through Saturday. Doors open at 10 p.m. Thursday and Saturday and 7 p.m. Friday.

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