Apparently, exercise is all the rage these days (I think it’s pronounced with a soft “x”). A little weekend drinking never goes out of style.

Lucky for you, Reno’s little recurring event known as the Reno Wine Walk combines those two concepts.

So, maybe walking and drinking is a stretch in regards to a complete fitness regimen. But, considering the success rate of everyone who resolves to lose weight every New Year, statistically you’re about ready to give up that nonsense anyway.

Keep eschewing the gym, get you a posse, clear your schedule from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Feb. 20 and ante up for a wine walk ticket.

Twenty dollars and a valid ID will get you a wine glass, a wristband and three hours of unlimited tiny pours from more than 20 merchants (check the full list here. There’s also a river.

For her

Life gets busy. Whether it’s school, work, taking care of the family or just yourself (#adulting is so hard), everyone gets a little caught up in their daily routine.

Break from the monotony during the Reno Wine Walk, catch up with your friends and relieve some of life’s stress. Having a few drinks with the girls, however, shouldn’t be confined to three short hours in the afternoon.

Rather than take a quick break for a couple glasses of wine before returning to sweatpants and your couch, why not make an evening out of it?

Whether you want to treat the wine walk as a pregame for bigger and badder festivities or you just want to schedule your final stop so you can have a nice dinner, and then maybe take in a movie, be sure to turn the walk into a girls’ night out.

For him

For the record, there’s no rule against broing out at a wine walk. Day drinking is day drinking, after all.

But, we might as well address the elephant in room; from a demographic standpoint, the wine walk tends to be ladies’ fare.

Go ahead, ask a group a group of your best buds if they’d like to spend a delightful afternoon strolling the river, gabbing about life and drinking some good wine. Now that you’ve recovered from the Xbox One controller you took in the dome and wiped off the Coors Light they spit in your face, go back and take a different approach.

Lots of ladies. Abundance of alcohol. Little to no competition.

If you’re one of those innovative, pioneering sort of bros, you’re probably running the scenarios in your head already. It’s time to change the game.

You said watch, right?

Pub crawls make sense. You drink too much and end up crawling from bar to bar in search of your next beverage. Why the hell does drinking wine have to necessitate all that walking?

If that’s you’re mindset, the solution is simple: turn the wine walk into the wine watch.

Go ahead and get your girls, head somewhere like Jungle or your favorite joint, buy your own bottle(s) and enjoy the magnificent people watching opportunities as the drunkards pass you by.

Whether your bag is silent judgment or the psychoanalysis of complete strangers, you won’t be disappointed.

Dress for success

Maybe you’ll be able to wear that killer sundress you’ve been waiting for a warm day to bring out of the closet. Maybe you’ll need a parka and boots. It’s winter in Reno, lolz.

Want the most practical advice possible for enjoying Reno Wine Walk?

You know you’re going to be outside so take some time to check the weather and dress accordingly so you enjoy it. Besides, the wine walk is the one event where you’re not concerned about the desperate dudes trying to play the demographics anyway.

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