Reno does things differently.

Sure, a normal night out having a few drinks with your friends works just fine for the responsible grown up looking to unwind after a long week, if you’re into that sort of conservatism. But why not grab hold of that old adage “anything worth doing is worth overdoing” and take your adult fun time with thousands of other party-seekers and hit as many spots as possible under the guise of themes and costumes? Oh, and don’t forget $3 drink specials pretty much everywhere you go all night mixed with no last call (no worries if you’re not familiar with that last term, you’re probably just from Nevada).

With a downtown populated by more than 70 bars, restaurants and nightclubs, Reno has a strong claim to the title of bar club capital.  
This year’s opening lineup of bar club’s is strong, so make sure you leave these three nights open to enjoy all the madness the Biggest Little City has to offer.

Mardi Crawl
When: January 30
Where: 15 spots (starts at 8 p.m. at the Waterfall)
Why: What better way to kick off the pub crawl season than with a celebration of the granddaddy of all celebratory events? Mardi Gras commemorates the last night before Lent, meaning it was created solely so people could clear the debauchery and excess out of their systems before fasting. Just because you can’t be in New Orleans to celebrate on Bourbon Street or in Brazil for Carnival doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun. Plan on kicking off your 2016 pub crawl schedule with Mardi Crawl. It’s got all the madness of Mardi Gras mixed with the kind of charm only Reno can supply.

And don’t forget the pageantry: masks, bright colors and beads (oh, the beads).

Leprechaun Crawl
When: March 12
Where: 30 spots
Why: The holiday that commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day has evolved into one of America’s great party holidays. As long as you have a drink in your hand, celebrating St. Paddy’s can be as simple as wearing green, as official as killing it in a kilt and as wild a clover pasties (and little else).

St. Patrick’s day isn’t a light beer kind of holiday so mix in the appropriate draughts and whiskeys. Make sure you visit Ceol or the Old Bridge Pub. Note to all the gentlemen out there: this is the only “cider-drunk without judgment” card you get all year. Take advantage.

Pajama Crawl
When: April 30, 2017
Where: 12+ spots
Why: Think of the pajama crawl as a reward.

After nailing the spring pub crawl scene, you get to close out the season in complete and utter comfort.

Think back to those high school or college days when getting dressed became such a burden, and an extra 30 minutes of sleep such a necessity, that you opted to quit on life for the day and wear your glorious, relaxing, comfortable pajamas out into the world, regardless of judgment. Now remember the delight you felt upon walking into a classroom and seeing your friends and peers all clad in their quitters, too.
The Pajama Crawl exists in that same vain except with way more alcohol and people. When else will you get to wear your snuggie out on the town?

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