If you’re one of those beautiful souls who knows that nothing screams sex appeal quite like a onesie – or if you’re just really into dancing your ass off in flannel – don’t miss Bass Camp’s Onesie Party on Jan. 23 at Cargo Reno inside the Whitney Peak Hotel.

The EDM show starts at 9 p.m. (tickets are $15 in advance) featuring headlining artists Manufactured Superstars and BARE along with Vice Versa, Zepra and plenty of hotties flaunting their finest nightwear.

No, you won’t see that lacey cutout teddy you couldn’t stop drooling over last month when you “accidentally” tuned into the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (and then kept watching). Instead, the lovely coeds will be rocking those full-bodied, soft fabric wonder pajamas known to make you hot and bothered in a very literal way.

If this all seems a bit childish, that’s sort of the point. This is the second onesie-themed party from Bass Camp, who put together several EDM events and festivals in the Reno-Tahoe area each year, after their first try in November 2014 was a huge success.

“The first year was an experiment using just local Bass Camp DJs, so this year, we are presenting two national headliners along with the theme party to make this an ongoing annual traditional for Bass Camp Festival,” said Paul Reder, Bass Camp’s founder and CEO. “We love this event.”

Think of the show like a pajama party on steroids that mixes all the comfort and charm your inner-child holds dear with all the debauchery and fun the adult you craves.

Just remember: the onesie game done changed since your crafty aunt last sewed you a pair of footie PJs when you were 10, and there are a couple keys to successfully navigating the event.

Get creative

Like many things in childhood, pajamas were probably pretty straightforward when you were a kid. Pick your favorite color, possibly featuring your favorite cartoon, have mom or dad zip you up and then off you went to a toasty night of sleep on the coldest of winter nights.

Well, onesies don’t work like that anymore, as there are thousands of options to choose from on Amazon for men alone. If standing out at the onesie party is the ultimate goal then you better get creative and take the time to pick the one that will have you bumping flannel with the gem of your choice.

Got a childhood movie obsession? Knock yourself out as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Harry Potter or Chewbacca.

Appreciate the symbolic punnery of being an actual “party animal”? Discover your spirit animal and share it with the world. Whether it’s a shark, dragon, cow, or tiger (or you want to double the pun and literally spend the night peacocking) is irrelevant.

Harboring a secret addiction to vigilante justice? Here’s your chance to be the hero Reno deserves (and don’t act like this is the only night you’ll ever wear a Batman onesie).

Have an exit strategy (a note on logistics)

A final work of warning: mathematically speaking, odds are you will have to access your privates at some point during the evening and trying to handle your drink, your junk, and your onesie all at once is a public exposure citation waiting to happen.

You could always ride commando and go the 18th century prospector route and wear a onesie with the button-down hatch in the back (just don’t get creepy and wear it backwards), but what’s the fun in that?

Unless getting completely naked to use a public restroom fulfills some sort of voyeuristic desire, take a few minutes in the comfort of home and figure out how you’re going to relieve yourself or wear something underneath. Some poor unsuspecting soul will thank you.

Remember, sometimes success lies in the details.

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