Ah, another great year in the Renossance is coming to an end. Between bar crawls, barrels of locally-brewed beer, legendary entertainers, bountiful special events and stuffing my face with farm-to-table foods, I’m spent. But, nevertheless, I know you depend greatly on my recommendations, so here you go – the best things to do in Reno this December. Enjoy, and see you in 2016!

1. Reno Santa Pub Crawl: Cue voice of Michael Buffer and – “Let’s get ready to rumble!” Just kidding, but seriously, if the Reno Santa Crawl were a sport, I’d be like “It’s go time, Santas.” And it really should be. Dec. 12 in downtown Reno.

2. Jennifer Nettles: I’ve always been taught that playing with fire was a dangerous thing, but when I have a gal like Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles by my side, I laugh in the face of danger. Dec. 11 at the Silver Legacy.

3. Jay Mohr: I’ve always thought that my smooth voice would be fit for a Podcast, so when this comedian-slash-podcaster-slash-film-star comes to town, I think I’ll try and get a co-starring slot on “Mohr Stories” so I can sexily talk about margaritas for an hour. Dec. 19 at the Silver Legacy.

4. Ice Skating at Aces Ballpark: The new “Rink on the River” surrounds several restaurants -- and restaurants with liquor licenses to boot. Now, that’s my kind of strategic planning. What better way to sit with a hot toddy in one hand while enjoying a superbly executed face dive on ice? I mean an excellently carried-out triple axel or whatever that spinning jumping twisting thing in the air is. Remember, it’s all about the landing.

5. Ebenezer: I’m so full of Christmas cheer that I’ll even hang little ornaments from my moustache during the holidays. So to that, I’m always just absolutely tickled when Scrooge learns the beauty of celebrating with Ol’ Saint Nick. Through Dec. 27 at the Eldorado.

6. Sparks Hometowne Christmas: I hope St. Nick won’t mind when I ask to escort Mrs. Claus through the parade or offer to buy her a hot chocolate – I have a thing for holly, jolly people. I can’t help it, their spirit is infectious. Dec. 4 in Victorian Square.

7. U.S. Olympic Trials for Men’s Boxing: This is big. Just the way I like it. The road to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero starts (where it should) right in the Renossance as dozens of boxers give each other the ol’ one-two-punch for USA’s most rewarding plane ticket. U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S-A. Dec. 7-12 in downtown Reno.

8. New Year's Eve in Downtown Reno: You know I’m a fan of good ol’ Virginia Street, so I couldn’t think of a better place to ring in the new year. With a plethora of bars to get your champagne toast on, dance floors to shake your booty at, balloon drops and fireworks lighting the sky – wait, why haven’t you grabbed your top hat and noisemaker yet? Dec. 31 at Circus Circus, Eldorado and Silver Legacy.

9. PBA World Series of Bowling: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the World Series, the Big Game, the finals, the World Cup, the biggest bowling championship one could dream of and it’ll be right here, yes here, in the Biggest Little City. Want to be on TV? Make your most creative sign and maybe ESPN will direct the cameras your way. Dec. 7-19 at the National Bowling Stadium.

The Renossance Man keeps an eye on what’s happening in Reno via his headquarters at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino.

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