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It's never a bad idea to shop local for holiday gifts -- especially when you're scrambling at the last minute. One place to look is in Midtown Reno at the Nevada Museum of Art, which is selling a 470-page book entitled "Tahoe: A Visual History" for $85.

Edited by Ann Wolfe, senior NMA curator, the book reflects the art works, imagery, baskets, maps, sketches and other artifacts and items that are currently on display as part of the museum's "Tahoe: A Visual History" exhibit that runs through Jan. 10. For a more concise exhibit wrap-up, however, there also is the accompanying 28-minute DVD that sells for $20. Additionally, keep in mind that museum members receive a shop discount.

Looking for other unique gift ideas? Check out our list of truly-local items:

Nevada Museum of Art

This store is always chock-full of artistic enticements and delights. Some of the unique items for sale in the shop reflect the artistry and works found in the current NMA exhibit. Be sure to check out:

  • Wrist Cuffs: Reflecting a vintage map, an image of the lake, and even an artwork from local artist Phyllis Shafer, these unique wrist cuffs are priced from $25 to $65. Getting your hands on a Phyllis Schafer wrist cuff may be hard to do, however, as they are selling like hotcakes.
  • Limited Edition T-shirts: Check out the unique T-shirts for sale in the gift shop. Available in a variety of sizes and selling from $35 to $40, one even features a map of Lake Tahoe that bears the name of Lake Bigler; Bigler, of course, was the third government of California.
  • Phyllis Shafer Print: Not everyone can purchase a beautiful work created by artist Phyllis Schafer  -- unless they want to buy a limited-edition print. Especially made for the museum, a print of her 2014 "Above Cave Rock" oil on canvas is selling for $45.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

This store is full of toys, books and gifts. Located at 23 Martin St. in Midtown, it's sure to provide shoppers with true joy and delight. Happy Happy Joy Joy also sells novelty housewares, pop culture collectibles, classic kids toys and more. Be sure to check out:

  • Soda Can Jewelry:  Handmade by Happy Happy Joy Joy owner Heather Lee Jones, these jewelry pieces are made out of soda cans that are collected from family and friends. First, she cuts them out before firing them down and sells the necklaces for $12 and earrings at $14. Truly unique – and recycled!
  • Coffee Cozies: Becky Boyd, a local mom who also has at etsy shop, sells her handcrafted coffee cozies at Happy Happy Joy Joy for $15; some prices may vary. Colors and designs also vary, but include a cupcake holder and kitten to help keep those coffee cups insulated and warm.
  • Art Prints: These square prints made locally by illustrator Lisa Kurt are full of whimsy and fun. The prints by Kurt, an art teacher at the Nevada Museum of Art, can be purchased for $34.
  • Cutesy Pootsey: These bracelets and necklaces features kids' characters such as Sponge Bob Square Pants, Batman, Else and Maggie from The Simpsons. Made locally, the bracelet and necklace sets sell for $18.

Green Rush

This eco-focused clothing store, located at 745 S. Virginia St., sells sustainable threads for men and women as well as unique knick-knacks, beanies and sunglasses.

"Everything we sell is sustainable," said Green Rush owner Billy Jacobs, who opened the shop this past July and has the phrases "Dress Consciously" and "Live Consciously" printed on his store business card.

Two locally made items to check out at Green Rush are:

  • Sacred Geometry Wood Pendants: Made by Aleksander Stirajs, working over at the Sparks Generator, these wood pendants vary from $25 to $79 and feature unique designs.
  • TahoeMade Hoodies: These unisex hoodies are made of recycled polyester and come in a variety of sizes, including XS. Mainly purchased by women, according to the owner, they run from $66 to $68.

Sippee Children's Store

This clothing store for children has been open for more than two years and features used clothes as well as a ton of cute knick-knacks for kids, newborn through age 8. There is even a tea room in the back for parties. At 955 S. Virginia St., there are a ton of local items to choose from. These include:

  • The Hooter Hider: Handmade by Terri Hull working under her line Punk Rock Squirrel, these 'hooter hiders' give nursing moms the chance to have a little privacy while nursing their young ones. Available in a variety of patterns and colors for $11.99.
  • Tooth Fairy Pillows: Coming in a variety of colors, and all handmade locally in Reno, these tooth fairy pillows sell for $19.50. And yes, there is a cute little pocket in each pillow to stick in that tiny tooth! Now the tooth fairy just has to remember to show up.
  • Reindeer Poo Soap: Okay, not really made of reindeer poo, obviously, but the name's a catcher! Shoppers can find locally made handmade soaps such as this one, made by Alpine Soaps at Sippee. Another is available in a strawberry scent. They run for $6.99 and are made using goat's milk.
  • The Tutu: Handmade in Reno, these skirts feature a ton of colorful tulle and style. Priced at $15, they are not the only tutus featured for sale in the tutu corner at Sippee's. Beware of too much fun!
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