Ah, November: the month of the turkey, daylight savings, no shaving for Movember and a new lineup of shows to watch on Netflix. Let us not forget the ever-popular Cook For Your Pet Day (Nov. 1) as well as National Men Make Dinner Day (Nov. 5). That last one for me means margaritas for everyone!

Which reminds me, while the turkey is our nation’s majestic November symbol, let us not forget the little trophy that is the cranberry margarita. I know I won’t, and hey, it pairs quite nicely with any Thanksgiving feast. Gobble, gobble.

Thanksgiving is perhaps one of my all-time favorite holidays. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, let us ponder the best things to do this month in Reno with a kind of humble gratitude that we live in a city where Movember is not just a catchy phrase but a movement, where Comic Con comes with its very own Reno Pub Crawl and where artists like Collective Soul and Dwight Yoakam can sing in perfect harmony together -- well, not together, but you get what I mean.

Case and point:

  1. Off Beat Arts & Music Festival: Support Northern Nevada’s growing music, art and culinary scenes with four full days of art, music and fun. Nov. 5-8 at a dozen Reno venues. 
  2. Collective Soul: I’ve been told these gents helped define and shape what we know today as alternative rock. I would like to motion for a round of applause, please. Nov. 6 at Silver Legacy Resort Casino.
  3. Dwight Yoakam: “Turn it on, turn it up, turn me loose.” You, sir, are my country legend hero. Nov. 7 at Silver Legacy.
  4. Jo Koy: If Chelsea Handler gave her stamp of approval on this comedian, then I do as well. Never go against Chelsea Handler, I say. It’s kind of a rule to live by. Nov. 13 at Silver Legacy.
  5. Midtown Reno Stache Stroll: Part of the proceeds for this crawl will be donated to the men's health division at Renown Health. Now that’s a crawl I can get behind. But first, I moustache you a question: Is your stache up to the impeccable standard of what this Reno crawl requires -- nay demands? If not, you still have time to get that stache in perfect strollin’ perfection. In the meantime, check out the nifty link above for participating pubs and bars as well as locations to purchase your cup. Nov. 14 in Midtown.
  6. Comic Con & ComiCrawl: Because never in your life will you find so much in common with “Boy Meets World,” “Heroes,” “Full House” and “The Walking Dead.” It’s just like one big zombie-superhero family. See what I mean Nov. 20-22 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. But save time Nov. 21 for the official after-party of the Comic Con with ComiCrawl in downtown Reno.
  7. Terry Fator: Fator’s comedic ventriloquism has been putting miming to shame since 2007. Nov. 20 at Silver Legacy.
  8. Rodney Carrington: “Here comes the truth” Nov. 24 at Silver Legacy. Truer words were never spoken.
  9. Ebenezer: There is nothing more festive than a cranky old guy shooing away carolers and overworking a kind family man. Throw in some ghosts, some “bah humbugs” and you have got a Christmas miracle, my friends! It’ll make more sense when you see the show -- I promise. Nov. 24 to Dec. 27 in the theatre at the Eldorado Resort Casino.

The Renossance Man keeps an eye on what’s happening in Reno via his headquarters at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino.

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