Put away the flannel shirt and cowboy hat — with a little planning, you can make a big entrance at that upcoming Halloween party or pub crawl. You don’t need sewing skills or hours of prep time, either — from creepy zombies to pink unicorns, Reno’s costume shops have got you covered.

Menagerie Costumes
If you’re looking to go big for Halloween, this rental shop has head-to-toe costumes worthy of sports mascots and Disney characters. In fact, co-owner Willie Benavidez said Mickey Mouse is one of the shop’s most popular rentals. Menagerie also rents and sells less-involved costumes, from Victorian and Middle Eastern outfits to the usual suspects like clowns, priests and nuns. For those who want to paint on a Halloween mask, Menagerie sells Ben Nye makeup, which Benavidez said is the brand of choice for professional face painters and performers. Extravagant masks and showgirl gear are up for grabs, and there’s an entire room devoted to hats. Menagerie Costumes is located at 1999 S. Virginia St. Suite B, one block south of Plumb. For more information, call 775-322-5427.

PolyEsther’s Costume Boutique
From disco duds that go way beyond bell bottoms to elegant vintage styles for dapper gents and sassy flappers, this local costume shop prides itself on one-of-a-kind items. Inside PolyEsther’s Costume Boutique, Halloween shoppers will find brand-new costumes, as well as an eclectic mix of clothing that can be used to create one’s own custom costume. According to the boutique’s website, PolyEsther’s also offers in-shop alterations. PolyEsther’s Costume Boutique is located at 655 S. Virginia St. For more information, call 775-420-5050 or visit

Junkee Clothing Exchange
This sprawling exchange not only buys and sells new and used clothing and accessories, but also serves as a costume-shopping hotspot for the droves of Burning Man fans and devotees of Reno’s popular themed bar crawls. It’s no surprise, then, that Junkee makes the list of Reno’s top shops for Halloween. Come in with your own costume ideas or simply be open to suggestions — employees on the floor are eager to help you come up with a creative costume, whether that means a scary werewolf or a fairy princess. In a section of the store dedicated to costumes, you’ll find gear for a wide array of Halloween getups. Junkee Clothing Exchange is located at 960 S. Virginia St. For more information, call 775-322-5865 or visit

Melting Pot World Emporium
For fur costumes that will keep you warm on a chilly fall night or a full horse-head mask that might have your crawl companions calling you Mr. Ed, make a stop at the Melting Pot World Emporium. Inside this diverse store, you’ll also find partial face masks, wigs, face paint, horns, antlers, tutus, bow ties, suspenders and all sorts of other accessories to put together your own look for Halloween. The Melting Pot World Emporium is located at 1049 S. Virginia St. For more information, call 775-322-9445 or visit

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