As leaves turn to brilliant hues of orange and brown and the air begins to carry a bit of a nip, most Nevadans readily await the arrival of sweater (or flannel) weather and pumpkin-spiced everything. You haven't even noticed. That's because fall, for beautiful souls like yours, serves a higher purpose.

As Reno cools, your world is afire with the heat of the fresh football season. Regardless of your gridiron tastes, hope and anticipation abound as the latest season of America's sports monster consumes your weekends. All that's left is determine where to watch the madness unfold. Lucky for you, Reno is full of wonderful options depending on what kind of fan you are.

The Visitor
Your travels have brought you to Reno and, while you want to take in all the amazing things you wished you knew about Northern Nevada earlier, Sunday is for football. The solution is simple: head to the nearest sports book. If you're staying at one of the casinos, there are several great choices. It doesn't really matter whether you're at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, Atlantis Casino Resort Spa or Silver Legacy Resort Casino, you'll be able to binge-watch in comfort. If you really want to get exclusive, try to hook up one of the three-TV VIP rooms at the GSR.

The Reno Newb
Maybe the overcast days finally seeped into your head. Maybe your beard game wasn't on point. Maybe you got a new job. Whatever the reason, you've relocated to the Biggest Little City from the Pacific Northwest and, now that football season is in full swing, you're ready to find a new group of buds. Problem is you've got a closet full of neon green and Russell Wilson No. 3 jerseys while all you see around town are Kaepernick jerseys in burgundy No. 7 or this weird navy blue alternate with the No. 10 on it.

Not to worry. Make the local sports bar your new Sunday home and start looking for your kind. There are several Bully's and a couple Buffalo Wild Wings just waiting to serve NFL fans of all jersey colors. The great thing about sports is you'll be high-fiving over a basket of wings by halftime.

The College Guy
You do most of your football work on Saturdays. You've got myriad reasons why you don't worship at the multi-billion dollar temple of Roger Goodell: the college guys play with more passion, the multitude of offensive style in the college game, and the NFL is too elitist for your nonconformist heart. Honestly, you're probably just an Oakland Raiders fan.

When you're picking your Saturday spot, why not go for the real thing? Head to Mackay Stadium, birthplace of the Pistol offense, to watch the Nevada Wolf Pack play live. TV is fine, but nothing beats the atmosphere of a college stadium on game day and the Wolf Pack has made it to a bowl game nine of the last 10 seasons. Better yet, if there's one thing Nevadans do well it's put on a party, so head to the stadium early and enjoy the tailgating and then finish up at the Little Waldorf Saloon across the street to catch the late games and enjoy one of the Wal's 52 drafts.

The Fantasy Fanatics
These days just about everybody plays fantasy sports. While rooting on your favorite team is a time-honored tradition, following your roster makes the rest of Sunday's action relevant. Better yet, few things beat experiencing the ups-and-downs of fantasy live with all the best friends and strange acquaintances that fill your league. But while you might revel in calling your best friends names that would make a New York Giants fan blush, those comments are best left for the privacy of your own home. Find the guy in your league with biggest television, slap up a few smaller TVs wherever somebody isn't sitting, fire up the grill and all of a sudden you have your own home sports bar. Your league is too exclusive for the public, anyway.

The Newlyweds
Marriage is about compromise. You think weekends should be about barbecue and football, while your spouse thinks it's about something called "us time." At Gilley's at the Nugget Casino Resort, you can both leave happy. There are enough TVs for both of you to take in all the Sunday action together and then take one of their line dancing classes that go from 5 to 7 p.m. That's the ultimate couple's day and, if things get really wild, you can hang around for the mechanical bull bikini contest. Just remember to be safe -- and that Reno now has Uber.

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