There are more water activities to experience in Lake Tahoe than anyone one person could pull off in a summer. Windsurfing to free diving, submarining to water cycling, people have tried almost every water sport on record. Below is a short list of some of the lake's most popular, most fun and most obscure water sports.


Flyboarding looks like some sort of futuristic water-powered hover sport. Riders balance on a board that flies above a jet of water. A hose connected from the jet ski to the fly board transfers the power of the jet engine into water propulsion that can lift flyboarders more than 10 feet off the water. Experienced users can dive and resurface or do flips and tricks like an overzealous motorized dolphin.

Scuba Diving

Though divers have been cruising the lake bed for decades, the sport continues to grow in the area. Whether you're checking out the subsurface geology or just searching for Tessie, the lake's underwater world is full of fascinating stuff. Dive certifications are available from two local shops. But unless you go for it during the summer, be prepared for a chilly experience.

Moonlight Kayaking

Many days in the summer, the lake's surface is chopped to pieces by boat wakes and wind. When the sun sets, those waves typically calm and glassy conditions are restored. While it would be dangerous to drive a boat in the dark conditions, kayakers and standup paddlers have found the peace and quiet they're looking for at night. On full moons, the experience is especially gripping.

Sport Fishing

Lake Tahoe holds some massive fish. They're not as big as marlins, but a 20-pound Mackinaw will put up a heck of a fight. There are also large rainbows, brown trout and kokanee salmon. Charters are available on both sides of the lake and can provide everything from bait to beer. If you're less than comfortable on a boat, guides can offer insight into lakeside spots or trips to local rivers.

Wake Surfing

Like a never-ending wave, wake surfing is what dreams are made of. The relatively new boating trend has exploded in recent years. Manufacturers are now making specialized boards and boats that kick up extra large wakes. Tahoe Wakesports can teach first timers or just drive the boat for experienced crews. Keep in mind, the calmer the lake is, the smoother the ride.


Anyone who's spent any time at Lake Tahoe knows the wind can pick up really quick. While it's not that much fun at the beach, the conditions can make for some great sailing. Kite boarders and windsurfers often take advantage of the gusts. Several businesses offer charter sailing trips or rent small sailboats. There's even a weekly yacht club race on the South Shore.

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