Edgewood Tahoe will host the country's wildest celebrity golf tournament, the American Century Championship this week. Stars from every corner of sports, television and music will take to the lakeside links in a hunt for a piece of the $625,000 prize purse. Expect hilarious antics, plenty of autographs, a few good shots and many bad ones. Below are a few of the highlights of the much-anticipated lineup.

Favorite to win: Rick Rhoden

The former Major League pitcher has won the American Century Championship eight times. Rhoden gets plenty of practice in. He's now a professional golfer, who frequently competes against the world's best on the U.S. Senior Open. His competitors include the NFL's Mark Rypien and three-time champion Billy Joe Tolliver.

Most famous: Justin Timberlake

Yes, the teenage heartthrob and former N'Sync frontman Justin Timberlake will take the time out of his movie-star schedule to enjoy a round at Lake Tahoe. While this may seem a touch strange, Timberlake is an avid golfer and reportedly plays to a 6 handicap. We'll see how he deals with the 600-yard hole 3.

Most generous and worst swing: Charles Barkley

The American Century Golf Tournament has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the South Lake Tahoe community over the years. Much of this has come from the generosity of the stars themselves. Though his swing is painful to watch, Charles Barkley has been at the forefront of the event's philanthropy. After the Angora Fire in 2007, Barkley donated $100,000 to victims.

Most obscure: Dan Jansen

Who the heck is Dan Jansen? Oh, only one of the most decorated speed skaters to ever touch the ice. Throughout his career, Jansen broke eight world records and was inducted into the Olympic Hall of Fame in 2004. While he's not expected to shatter any records on the course, he does have a leg up. Jansen's wife, Karen, is a professional golf teacher, who's certified by the LPGA.

Most likely to throw a touch down pass on Hole 17: John Elway

Longtime ACC alum, John Elway, draws a lot of fans to the lakeside fairway of Hole 17. It's not unusual for the Hall-of-Fame quarterback to toss a few footballs into the crowd, if he's having a good game. In past years, other highlights on 17 have included slam-dunks, swimming and a few tackles.

Most likely to hit a hole-in-one: Joe Sakic

Every year, sponsors put up an enormous amount of money for a hole-in-one competition. Amazingly, in 2011, former NHL star Joe Sakic put one on the dot to win a $1 million purse. The crowd went bananas. Half of the winnings went to charity. This year, we'll see if Sakic still has the magic.

Most likely to make a funny: Rob Riggle

The hilarious The Daily Show correspondent has been a staple at past ACC tournaments. He's always fun to watch and regularly makes the crowd laugh. Other comics include Kevin Nealon, Larry The Cable Guy, The Office's Brain Baumgartner and Dennis Heysbert.

The No-Show: Kelly Slater

Surfing's biggest star Kelly Slater has played the tournament several times. This year he won't make it. Slater is competing on the World Surf League's Championship Tour in South Africa. At 42, he's the Tour's biggest star. But every chance he gets he sneaks away for some time on the links.

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