The dog. A man's (or woman's) best friend. Of course, you want to take them wherever you go.

What pooch wants to stay put back at home or in the hotel room? Lucky for you, Reno is a bona fide dog-friendly city, so you have plenty of options where your tail-wagger won't get the stink-eye.

Restaurants and bars

Like we said earlier, Reno is very dog-friendly, especially when it comes to outdoor settings—patios and such. Always check with the staff, but if they have a patio, the odds are on your side that you'll be able to put the pup on a leash right by your side as you indulge under the high desert sun or stars.

Because of health code laws, your dog won't be able to hang with you inside (except service animals), so you're out of luck there.

Here's a few restaurants we know of that welcome dogs to their outdoor patios:

Retail shopping

It's crazy how many stores and shops in Reno are dog-friendly. We couldn't believe it.

Cruise just south of downtown to Midtown Reno along Virginia Street and check out Junkee Clothing Exchange, Wedge Cheese Shop (who even offers doggy snacks) and Happy Happy Joy Joy—all dog-friendly (as long as your dog is well-behaved and on a leash), within walking distance of each other and with a wide array of gift (and self-gift) ideas.

Looking for a place that's pup AND kid-friendly? Bring them to Sippees for new and used kid's clothes. Not only are they dog-lovers, but the store is full of play-areas that your little one can enjoy while you stock up their closets.

Need some tools or household items? We even reached out to Carter Bros Ace Hardware (also on Virginia Street in Midtown Reno). We were skeptical, but low and behold, they "absolutely love dogs"—they also have treats!

Plenty of stores in and around Reno were dog-friendly. As a matter of fact, naming who isn't dog-friendly would probably be easier (we're sure the non-dog-friendly establishments are out there, but we couldn't find any).


If you're coming from out of town and are packing the pooch, unfortunately, none of the major downtown casinos are dog-friendly.

But don't let that dissuade you. You still have options. Local favorites, the Nugget in Sparks, the Grand Sierra Resort (less than 3 miles from the Reno Arch downtown) and even Holiday Inn Express & Suites (2375 Market St. in Reno) allow pets. But you'll want to contact these properties directly to find out more about specific pet restrictions.

This list is by no means extensive. There weren't many establishments in Reno at all who weren't happy to meet your four-legged friend.

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