From house-made pickles and slabs of thick cheesecake to pastrami sandwiches piled high and soothing matzo ball soup, the authentic deli experience will arrive in Reno at Silver Legacy Resort Casino this May. The famed Canter’s Deli will open next to the Laugh Factory, bringing with it a long history of legendary food. Established in Los Angeles by the Canter family in 1931, this award-winning restaurant is continually packed with guests who are eager to enjoy the addictive flavors of authentic Jewish deli cuisine. Owner Mark Canter is happy to dish on the enduring success of his family’s business — and the excitement of opening a location right here in Reno.

Your family’s Los Angeles restaurant has been thriving for decades. What makes you excited to have a Canter’s Deli in Reno now, too?

The Canter family has been serving great food for over 85 years — it’s the four generations of experience and the fact that we are hands-on in the restaurant every day to make sure things are done the right way. We’re very excited to be able to expand our restaurant’s footprint and have our food served in Reno for the very first time.

Can you give our readers an idea of the range of dishes available at Canter’s Deli?


There’s all of our staple items, such as hot corned beef or pastrami served as sandwiches and Reubens, matzo ball soup, potato pancakes, cheese blintzes, smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese, brisket of beef served many different ways, Thanksgiving dinner served every day and our homemade pickles.

What are a few of the stand-out foods your deli is famous for?

The pickles because they are just so good and we pickle them in house. Our rye bread because we bake it ourselves and then double bake it right before we serve it, and we also slice it in a special way one slice at a time. Our matzo ball soup because it’s one-of-a-kind and just so comforting and true to its nature. Our Reubens because of their gigantic size and the way we make them taste so good by not cutting any corners in the process on making them to order.

What else can folks find at Canter’s Deli?

 We have many salads and burgers to choose from. There’s also rugula, cheesecake, black-and-white cookies, strudel and special coffee cakes.

Canter’s Deli

Silver Legacy Resort Casino

407 N. Virginia St.


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