Stremmel Gallery presents Robert Brady’s “Mined of My Own,” an exhibition of new works, opening on June 16 and continuing through July 30, 2016. The opening reception will be from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Thursday, June 16, and is free to the public.

Born in Reno, Brady often names his works after his experiences and discoveries in remote and familiar parts of the Silver State.

“In Nevada, the mining process often references discovery and extraction from the ground,” Brady said. “It’s a good metaphor for what we all do when it comes to pulling from our conscious and unconscious minds, developing ideas, drawing from what we know and what we have experienced. I don’t often develop an idea linearly,” Brady said. “Instead, I move in a circle, picking up, discarding and eventually retracing the path of seeing and finding anew. I am not interested in squeezing all I can from an idea. I like variety and change. I will knowingly and unknowingly borrow from any source, even my own history to inform what may seem new.”

Brady has rigorously explored figurative abstraction for over 40 years. Prolific and versatile, his unique style and imagery represents the morphing of a personal lexicon of graphic symbols with color, revealing a whimsical sense of humor, energetic process and primitive mixture of materials. Deeply engaged in abstraction, Brady is able to provide viewers with a plethora of figurative and representational handholds: faces, tools, and architectural details. His references to artifacts, equipment, pictographs and tribal art resonate strongly.

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