Dave Meniketti — the name is synonymous with music—raw, hard-edged, melodic, soulful. His first solo CD "On the Blue Side" received worldwide acclamation — particularly in Europe and Japan. His sophomore solo CD, the self-titled "Meniketti" revisits, as Dave says, his “melodic, rock-based roots.” From its first churning note on "Messin’ with Mr. Big," Dave’s music grabs you. This is not background music. It pins your ears to the speakers and kicks you in the butt. It’s infectious, delicious rock and roll that satisfies the soul. In other words "Meniketti" is pure Meniketti.

For the uninitiated, Dave Meniketti was born and raised in Oakland, CA where he has been an icon for guitar players worldwide and a Bay Area vocal and guitar legend for over two decades. Perhaps it is the diversity of the artists that influenced him as a kid (Hendrix, Coltrane, James Brown, Led Zeppelin) that is responsible for his varied expressions in both his singing and guitar playing. And what truly makes him admired by rock stars to the kid on the street.

As the lead singer/lead guitarist with Bay Area Rockers Y&T, Meniketti has sold over 4 million records worldwide, recorded 17 albums and toured across the United States and around the world.

When Y&T took a break from recording and performing, Dave wasn’t ready to hang up his guitar. After building his own recording studio in his home, he answered a primal call and recorded "On the Blue Side" to quench his passion for the blues. Followed up with his pure rockin’ sophomore solo release "Meniketti," this CD drives home the reasons why BAM Magazine christened Dave "a guitar hero in the classic sense of the term," and why the BBC calls Dave’s guitar playing “special...indeed.” If you haven’t spun this CD yet, put your leathers on and get ready to rock — you’re in for a good time.

You’ve got Dave’s word on that and you can take that to the bank.

See Dave with Y&T at Cargo Concert Hall June 3.

Get your tickets.

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