Reno Little Theater continues it Latino Theater Series, La Gente, with Roosters.

Milcha Sanchez-Scott’s soulful play tells the story of Hector, a young campesino (farmer), who is apprehensively awaiting the return of his father, Gallo, who has been serving a jail term for manslaughter. His family welcomes him back with mixed feelings. While his daughter, Angela, and mother, Juana, are eager to have him back, Hector, feels otherwise. Roosters tells the story of the explosive family reunion using music, dance, and storytelling.

According to director and Series Curator, Tami Castillo Shelton, “Roosters symbolizes the spirit of the ancestors in the Latino culture, the calling to ‘become’ to attain that self-worth through an accomplishment of purpose or calling as a human being while staying in connection with where these people come from.” While the story focuses on a Latino family, audience members of all backgrounds can relate to the various family issues while seeing how they are presented through the lens of Latino culture.  The infusion of music, dance/movement, storytelling, drama, and acting are the foundation for Latino theater and Roosters is a thought-provoking introductory piece to this incredible artform.

All tickets are $10. For ticket purchasing and more information about the play click here.

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