Starting Dec. 18, Grand Sierra Resort and Casino’s acclaimed Grand Theatre will be home to "Furia!, A Heroic Cirque Spectacle," for a limited engagement. Furia is an awesome display of superhuman powers incorporating acrobats, daredevils, aerialists, lasers, comedy, music and more.

"Furia! A Heroic Cirque Spectacle" is a family-friendly production show that features a cast of awe-inspiring superheroes that use their powers to fight supervillains who lurk at every corner. The show is billed as a “high energy, humanly impossible show packed with jaw dropping action and infused with stunning visuals including projection mapping and lasers.”

Acts include:

  • Hell City Riders: The weapon of choice for these superheroes is their BMX bikes. They go faster than the speed of light and defy gravity with their fearless flips and tricks.
  • Trampwall Masters: These master acrobat fling themselves off a 14-foot-tall wall into a trampoline and perform flips and courageous gravity-defying feats.
  • Laser Girl: Using a unique blend of light, dance and magic, Laser Girl fights evil with an exhilarating array of lasers. She can control and bend the light and even picks it up and throws it around.
  • Comedy team of Shotspear: Wild, wacky and hysterical. Need we say more?
  • Aerial artist Uberman: Uberman defies gravity and flies like a true superhero with superhuman flexibility and strength.
  • Duo Wonder: Master of strength and balance, these two heroes can do the impossible, all while balancing upside down.
  • Acrobats from the 4th Dimension: Mixing dance, acrobatics and action with projection mapping creates a stunning immersive experience that even features jumping off roof tops and shooting lightning.

"Furia! A Heroic Cirque Spectacle" will show nightly at 8 p.m. Dec. 18-29. Tickets start at $11. Tickets are half-off for locals when purchased at the GSR box office with valid ID. For more information on GSR or to purchase tickets, click here.

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