Not only do the hotel casinos offer a wide variety of excellent live productions, there are even more shows to be seen at the smaller theaters in Reno. If you're jonesing for some culture, we've got some great suggestions for you.

Reno Little Theater (147 E. Pueblo Street. 775-329-0661)

The Reno Little Theater has been around since 1935, when they performed their first play at the University of Nevada. They purchased their first official building in 1941 at 7th and Sierra, where they made a home for 50 years before moving to Pueblo Street in 2012. Besides the over 5,000 productions they've put on in the last 80 years, the theater company offers classes for kids and adults, children's theater, and play-writing competitions.

The current regular season offers five shows, including Jesters League, When the Rain Stops Falling, Enchanted April, Clybourne Park, and You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

The Off-Off Wells series is divided into two categories: Fringe, plays that are edgy or avant garde in their performances, or may not be suitable for all audiences, but still have a strong artistic sensibility and Local Playwrights: plays written by local playwrights. Off-Off Wells offers four shows, including The Norwegians, Lauren Leaping, Demon Bitch Goddess, and Any Given Monday.

RLT offers three different options for season passes: Full Season, which includes the main stage, OOW, and the family holiday show; MainStage Season, which includes all the main stage shows; and a four show flex pass, which allows you to pick the four shows you'd like to attend. Get more information about season passes here.

Bruka Theater (99 North Virginia Street. 775-323-3221)

Bruka Theater was founded in 1992 and offers classic, original, musical, and contemporary productions, as well as theater for children. Bruka is also home to the Reno Theater Festival, which takes place every November.Their current season includes The Baltimore Waltz, Bandido!, Bruka Theater for Children: The Wishing Well, Bruka Prom, Wonder of the World, Good People, and The Full Monty. Read more about the current season here.

Throughout the year, Bruka offers workshops and and summer theater camps for kids. Season tickets range from $65 to $160 and individual tickets range from $5 for kids 12 and under to $25 for tickets purchased at the door. Click here for more information about tickets.

Good Luck Macbeth (713 South Virginia Street. 775-322-3716)

Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company is an intimate black box theatre located in the heart of Midtown and known for its innovative works, original products, and its ability to make theater more accessible for everyone. Good Luck Macbeth also serves as the home of Artemisia and Film on Tap movie groups.

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