Wondering what to give your pet for the holidays? You’re not alone.

According to the American Pet Products Association, 65 percent of U.S. households own a pet. And this holiday season, more than 38 percent of cat owners and 50 percent of dog owners plan to buy gifts for their pets.

But what to get? We poked around local pet stores to get the scoop on what’s trending. From your cuddly kitten to your trusty steed, we’ve got you covered with gift ideas for best friends of all types.

Pooch presents

For dogs, we headed to Pet Station in Reno. Assistant Manager Ashley Brand said any type of treat is always a hit, as are chew toys — the indestructible type. For that, she suggested Fluff & Tuff, a chew toy with an apropos motto: “Takes a Licking.”

“People ask me, ‘what’s your most indestructible toy?’” Brand said. “I recommend the Fluff & Tuff; they have different toys and animals, and dogs go pretty crazy for them.”

For felines

For cats, Brand recommended a toy she is personally “obsessed with” and that her cat loves: feather teaser toys, of which Pet Station carries and variety of brands and types.

Reptiles, fish and more

Over at Sierra Aquatics in Reno, Reptile Manager Matthew Duncan suggested treating reptiles and exotics to a little something extra for their palate during the holidays.

“It depends on what they are normally used to eating,” Duncan said. “If an animal is used to eating crickets, a meal worm or a wax worm would be a really nice treat.”

He recommended treating your tortoise to a cuttlebone, also known as a cuttlefish bone. For lizards and tortoises, you can spice up their greenery with salad dressing made just for these pets.

“That would be a good treat and really healthy for them, too,” Duncan said.

And for fish, Duncan suggested treating them to frozen food made for fish.

“We sell a whole line of frozen food, and those make really good treats,” he said.

Happy horses

For horses, Green’s Feed manager Cyndy Oxley said the store carries a variety of just-for-horse cookies. In particular, she recommended locally owned Paddock Cakes.

“They’re local, they’re natural and they’re made from oats and bran and flax — all the things that are really tasty for horses but also good for skin, coat and overall health.

She also suggested waterproof winter blankets.

“They are waterproof and they can be out in the weather and still be nice and comfy and toasty and cozy.”

And along the same lines, Oxley recommended de-icers so horses can access clean water that’s not frozen, avoiding dehydration during the winter, which can be a bigger problem for horses than in the summer, she said.

No room for live horses? No problem. Check out her model horses.

“We have a big selection of Breyer toy horses,” Oxley said.

“If their residence does not give them the room for an actual horse, they can still adopt a briar as part of their family.”

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