Participants in the world's largest conference for women engineers are hearing about the professional opportunities in Northern Nevada.

A team that includes executives from the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN), recruitment specialists from Tesla and engineering students at the University of Nevada, Reno, will spread the message during WE16, the annual conference of the Society of Women Engineers taking place Oct. 27. The conference in Philadelphia is expected to draw more than 9,000 women at all stages of their engineering careers.

EDAWN program manager Valerie Cotta, who works closely with EDAWN Vice President of Retention, Expansion and Workforce Development Nancy McCormick, noted 260 engineering positions currently are open in the Reno area, and engineers are No. 1 on the list of professionals most sought by employers in the region.

McCormick and Cotta will be joined at the Philadelphia event by members of the student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers at UNR as well as recruiters and engineers from Tesla. While the Tesla brand is certain to draw attention during the conference, McCormick noted the demand for engineering talent encompasses a wide range of companies in Northern Nevada.

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