Reno is anything but cowboy town when it comes to fashion, offering plenty of dressing up and costuming to do whether it's for Burning Man, Hot August Nights, Halloween or a pub crawl.

The truth is many of the most fun shops are located in Midtown, right along Virginia Street, making it easy to hit up more than one store in the same day or to combine found pieces from different shops. You also can find personalized services and help with costuming, like at PolyEsthers in Midtown.

"I have been doing this a long time — making people's costume dreams come true," said Esther Dunaway, owner and "imagineer" at PolyEsthers. "It means the most to me to dress people with that personal touch and flair which makes them shine at any event while keeping in mind their personality, body type and budget."

This shop, like many others, also specializes in upcycling and even hosts specific costuming and fashion events.

"This year, I am releasing my first comprehensive playa fashion collection in two years," Dunaway said. "It will be a mixture of hand-sewn items and upcycles sewn in house, with love."

Below are some ideas for costume shops for your next costume outing, whether that's to go to Burning Man, a zombie crawl or a Halloween party. As is true with anything, the earlier you go shopping, the better finds you'll get.

The Melting Pot World Emporium

Supporting "counterculture since 1996," this retail shop on South Virginia Street offers everything from fringed jackets to vests and tops of every kind. Important to Burning Man are goggles, which can be used to protect the eyes from blowing sand when the Black Rock Desert winds pick up. In fact, clear strapped goggles that can be converted to traditional glasses are even available and can be perfect for the playa. Also, check out the scarves at the Melting Pot, either to protect your neck and hands from blowing sand or from a desert sunburn. This shop also provides plenty of fright and ideas for Halloween. Phone: 775-322-9445.

Savers and other thrift stores

Savers, on Kietzke Lane, goes above and beyond when it comes to affordable costumes for Halloween, often putting out anything they have in bulk at the front of the store, as well as featuring unique staff creations arranged out of in-house finds. Yes, you can find clothing for everyday living, but also pieces that can be put together for vintage styles, costumes and outfits. Whether its '60s hippie or '70s fashionista, dig for the clothing you seek, and top it off with the right handbag, shoes, scarf, jewelry and accessories. You can even get creative and cut up and combine pieces to build your own creative outfit and stand out in style. Phone: 775-284-4350.

Junkee Clothing Exchange, Inc.

You can truly get "funky at Junkee," which is a 15,000 square-foot store located on South Virginia Street that sells recycled, repurposed clothing among other items. Find faux beads and furs, scarves, glasses and goggles, ties, tights, headpieces and, of course, all the dressing essentials for Burning Man, Halloween or any other costume event. Fun and funky dresses, tops, skirts and pants are yours to blend together, and  since "nice" is their policy, they can help you to costume up for any event, whether that's something retro or pub crawl-ish or for Burning Man. This also is your one-stop shop for villain costumes. Phone: 775-322-5865

Dressed Like That

Located on South Virginia Street, this shop has plenty of options for the modern woman, including costuming perfect for a dress-up party, Halloween or any other signature event. With retro-style dresses and separates, as well as scarves, belts, purses, clutch wallets, sunglasses and accessories, you'll flash back in time to styles from the mid-20th century. If you're looking for pin-up or anything with polka dots, Dressed Like That is your spot. Phone: 775-742-2931.

PolyEsthers Costume Boutique

Feathery jackets, lounging coats, top hats, glittery skirts and bustiers are emblematic of the styling found at this South Virginia Street shop. Find items perfect not just for Burning Man, but also for any dress-up party or occasion. Many of their pieces are hand-sewn while others are fashion or vintage oriented, creating many opportunities to formulate a one-of-a-kind style. And if you're looking for that perfect hat, this could be your shop. Find options suitable for cabaret shows, as well as steampunk events, Halloween or Burning Man. Phone: 775-420-5050.

Menagerie Costumes

Whether you are looking for something for the next Zombie Crawl, Halloween weekend, costume party or other event, this costume shop on South Virginia Street could be your place. Find zombie teeth color, latex masks, morphsuits, (spandex costumes), vampire fangs and much more. Maybe you need a poodle skirt — great for Hot August Nights — a penguin outfit or a witch get-up. Whatever your need, you'll find variety and great services at this shop. And if you want to keep things simple, try a rental costume — including a purple Barney option — instead. Phone: 775-322-5427.

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