Overall Vibe of the Neighborhood:

Wingfield Springs is a suburb of Sparks, Nev. There is a mix of homeowners and renters. Because Wingfield Springs is an offshoot of Sparks, people tend to do their shopping and working in Sparks or Reno because it's more convenient, and everything they need is located in the same general area.

Overview of the Facts

General Facts about the Neighborhood: The total population of Wingfield Springs is 11,171, and about 75 percent of the homes are owner-occupied. The average commute time for residents is around 29 minutes.

Cost of Living: The cost of living is $73,600 per year, nearly 30 percent higher than the state's average.

Median Household Income: The median household income for Wingfield Springs is $97,892 per year and the average household net worth is $599,769. This is compared to Sparks: $63,263 and $424,589 and Nevada: $51,870 and $402,612.

Median Home Prices: The average home price in Wingfield Springs is $324,945 and the average sale price is $310,581. This is on the high side when compared to Sparks, where the average home price is $275,000 and Nevada, where the average home price is $221,900.

Diversity/Age Range: Eighty-six percent of the people living in Wingfield Springs are caucasian, which is a relatively high percentage for Sparks and Washoe County. Compared to the rest of Washoe County, Wingfield Springs has a relatively low Hispanic population (about 20 percent). When it comes to gender, women out-populate men in Wingfield Springs by more than 2 percent. Nearly 90 percent of households are primarily English speaking, while only about 6 percent of households are primarily Spanish speaking. The average age range of a Wingfield Springs resident is between 45 and 64 years old. More than 25 percent of residents are teenagers and young children.

Crime Rates: The crime rates in Wingfield Springs tend to be on the low side, especially when compared to Sparks and the rest of Washoe County. Overall crime is about 57 crimes per 100 people, compared to 133 crimes per 100 in Sparks and 106 crimes per 100 in Washoe County.

What should I Know About the Neighborhood Schools?: The nearby schools are Spanish Springs Elementary, Dilworth Middle School and Spanish Springs High.

Spanish Springs Elementary School has 819 students in preschool through sixth grade with a 20:1 student: teacher ratio. The school is 44 percent female and 56 percent male and 16.4 percent of students are eligible for subsidized lunch.

Dilworth Middle School serves 595 students in seventh and eighth grades. The student/teacher ratio is 16:1. There is 47 percent of female students and 53 percent male students. Nearly 65 percent of students are eligible for subsidized lunch.

Spanish Springs High School is home to nearly 2,400 students in ninth through 12th grades. Nearly 50 percent of the students at Spanish Springs participate in Advancement Placement courses. The student body is made up of 52 percent male students and 48 percent female students.

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