Caughlin Ranch is best described as a forested area with plenty of mature landscaping and green grass. It's an forest oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle that is Reno. The area surrounding Caughlin Ranch is very parklike and peaceful — there are several bodies of water with native wildlife and plant life residing in and around the water. There are plenty of grassy areas for kids to run and play. There are also numerous walking, hiking, and biking trails for families to get out and explore on weekends or warm summer evenings.

What you need to know about living in Caughlin Ranch

Living in Caughlin Ranch is ideal for young married couples or families with young children. Just about everything a family could need, from schools to doctors to shopping and more is located within just a few miles of the area. The Caughlin Club offers gym amenities, a pool, and activities for kids and adults alike. Caughlin Ranch may feel removed from Reno with its forest setting and quiet lifestyle, but should you want to be in the city, it's only about 10-15 minutes away, allowing residents to have the best of both worlds.

Cost of Living: The cost of living for Reno, Nevada is average when compared to other cities around the country. Costs for things like groceries, rent, gas, etc. tend to be right in the middle when compared with similar sized cities such as Phoenix, Arizona or Salt Lake City, Utah. Prices for groceries and doctor visits tend to be slightly below the national average, with an average doctor visit coming in at $79.20 in Reno, while the national average is $96.65. A movie ticket in Reno is about 65 cents higher than the national average, at $9.75 in Reno versus $9.11 on average.

Median Household Income: The media household income is $106,597, while the median household net worth is $848,337.

Median Home Prices: The median estimated home value is $365,200. The median home price is around $365,000.

People with Children Under 18: There are 357 households with children in Caughlin Ranch, although that isn't broken down by age bracket.

Crime Rates: The crime rate is relatively low, with the property crime risk index at 3.5 and the violent crime risk index at 3.0.

Who Lives Here? The overwhelming population of Caughlin Ranch is married, whether with or without children. There are only 77 households with single people who have children. Residents tend to work in heath care or education, while other trades have much lower population sectors.

What Should I Know About This Neighborhood?: As mentioned above, it's great for couples just starting out or who have young children.

What should I Know About the Neighborhood Schools?: Caughlin Ranch is served by some wonderful schools for children beginning at six weeks of age and going through high school.

  • KinderCare is great for kids aged six weeks to 12 years. They have two locations in Caughlin Ranch: 4895 Village Green Parkway and 3615 Lakeside Drive.
  • Caughlin Ranch Elementary School serves kindergarten through sixth grade and runs on a traditional schedule. The school has a capacity of 799 and an enrollment of only 499.
  • Gomm Elementary School is at 4000 Mayberry Drive and serves kindergarten through sixth grade on a traditional schedule.
  • Swope Middle School is for students in grades seven and eight and runs on a traditional schedule.
  • Reno High School is located at 395 Booth Street and serves grades nine through twelve.
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