The Isbister sisters know a thing or two about fitness. At their boutique fitness studio, the Lean Lemon, located in Sparks, Karen and Jaime Isbister offer a diverse number of classes, personal training options and nutritional coaching for clients who want a distinctive fitness experience.

"We wanted to create a place where people would feel comfortable asking questions and build community," Karen Isbister said. "At the Lean Lemon we are all about encouragement, but we're also ready to push our clients to get the results they want."

The sisters always knew they wanted to open up a business together. Their love of fitness inspired them to consider opening up their own studio.

"When I was working at gyms as a kickboxing instructor I would ask my students what keeps them from the gym," Karen Isbister said. "Their answer was usually that they're intimidated. We wanted to change that and open a bright, welcoming place for men and women to come and have fun while exercising."

They start with a personal assessment of each client to get to know who they are and what their fitness goals are. Next, they design a workout plan and optional nutrition plan unique to each client.

"We offer tons of different options for people so that we can diversify their workouts," Jaime Isbister said. "We like to mix it up and keep it interesting for our clients and for ourselves."

They offer surf-inspired classes on SURFSET boards that work the whole body on a trainer designed to mimic the instability of a surfboard on water. They also offer TRX suspension training, Pink Gloves Boxing, Turbo Kick classes, Insanity classes and stRIPPED, a strip aerobics class.

As winter turns into spring, look to the Lean Lemon to take your exercise routine to the next level.

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