Public concern rose April 24, 2018 over an owl chick that fell from a Reno ledge, but the baby is hunkered down on the ground and doing just fine. Reno Gazette Journal


Both owl babies have successfully fledged and left their ledge at Desert Research Institute in Reno.

Owl fans around the world followed the drama as great horned owls Sienna and Jina roosted on a DRI ledge, laid four eggs and raised two owlets (Washoe and Zephyr). Two eggs didn't hatch. One baby fell from the nest early but was just fine (although it looked kind of grumpy).

On Monday, DRI officials turned off the owl cam they installed in collaboration with the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

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The owls were featured on People Magazine's website and on National Geographic's site, too.

"Both young owls have left the nest and are doing great! Both owls have been observed eating well, and the parents are still active in the area and engaging with the owlets frequently," DRI posted on its Facebook page Monday afternoon.

Video captured on April 16: See the little owls at play

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The wildlife department did not provide details on whether further research will be done to follow up on the unusual circumstance of two adult females nesting together.



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