Tahoe City may be getting a new lodge. Kila Tahoe LLC is proposing the construction of Tahoe City Lodge, a 118-room hotel with a rooftop bar and restaurant, conference and meeting facilities, and a pool, rec room and hot tub.

Tahoe City came together to create a vision for the town – setting goals for social, economic, cultural and environmental benefits – and Placer County created an Economic Incentive Program to support projects that meet those goals.

“There have been no new tourist accommodations built in North Lake Tahoe in more than 40 years because it’s just been too difficult and too costly here,” said Jennifer Merchant, Placer County’s deputy county executive officer who oversees the Lake Tahoe area. “That’s had real impacts – both economically and environmentally – so we implemented the Economic Incentive Program to spark investment in private projects in the town centers of Kings Beach and Tahoe City. If we can reduce some of the impediments to sustainable development, we can reduce the blight that impacts our beautiful lake’s clarity and improve the economy at the same time. It’s a win-win.”

The Tahoe City Lodge proposes to help substantially achieve those community goals, said Samir Tuma, CEO of Kila Tahoe, LLC.

“This project will improve environmental conditions, grow the local economy, benefit community assets like the Tahoe City Golf Course, remove blighted property, in Tahoe City and act as a catalyst for more positive investment,” Tuma said.  “We are thrilled by the level of support from the local community, and look forward to bringing this project to life.”

The Tahoe City Lodge project is working through Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and Placer County’s public process with a Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement released in mid-June, aiming for approval in December 2016 from Placer County and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency in January 2017.

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