As Saint Patrick’s Day is on quick approach, many area pubs, bars and eateries are prepping their Guinness spouts and leprechaun-themed specials for the bustling crowds to come. This year, why not try a few traditional cocktails that are sure to leave you feeling like you just may have the luck of the Irish. Head to O’skis Pub & Grille in Sparks where they will celebrate their 15th anniversary by pouring a few tried and true specialties from the homeland.

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Irish Whiskey

First thing’s first. The almighty Irish whiskey is the base for any authentic cocktail. And, many prefer to enjoy the smooth liquor on the rocks (or, on an ice ball if at O’skis). In the early 19th century, Irish whiskey was deemed the most popular spirit in the world, although it’s seen steep decline with only seven distilleries currently operating.

Caffeinated Combo: Irish Coffee

It is believed that a traveler looking to warm up in the chilly weather outside Shannon Airport in Ireland asked a bartender to add a little something to his coffee and the Irish coffee was born. That traveler brought the concoction to his renowned restaurant, Buena Vista Grille in San Francisco, introducing the craze to the U.S.

Today, Irish coffee purists can enjoy the very same libation in the biggest little city. Made with a quality coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and fresh cream, this steamy beverage is as delicious as it is energizing.

“It’s a real treat. You get the toasty coffee with delicious whiskey flavors that just seem to melt through the cold cream,” Cindy Pisiewski, owner of O’skis explains. “Some may use other ingredients, but the original Irish coffee is just those four things poured consistently to perfection.”

Twisted Libation: Irish Mule

Following in the great footsteps of the Moscow mule, the Irish mule is a variation on the beloved cocktail. This mix of Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whiskey, ginger beer, fresh lime juice and a dab of bitters is a deliciously refreshing drink.

Hangover Helper: Irish Bloody Mary

For those hoping to continue the revelry and nurse any lingering hurt from a few too many, the Irish bloody mary is just the ticket. Pisiewski’s version takes the traditional mixer elements and replaces the vodka with Jameson Irish whiskey and a Guinness floater. Topped off with some pickled garnish goodness and, viola, it’s a rich cocktail sure to hit the spot.

Where you can go

Looking to celebrate with a little Irish cheer? Checkout these places for traditional cocktails and swinging specials this St. Patrick’s Day:

Ceol Irish Pub, 538 S. Virginia St., Reno

Rapscallion Seafood House & Bar, 1555 S. Wells Ave., Reno

O’cleary’s Irish Pub, 1310 Scheels Drive #250, Sparks

O’skis Pub & Grille, 840 Victorian Ave., Sparks

Ole Bridge Pub, 105 N Sierra St, Reno

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