Charlie Palmer is one of America's most celebrated chefs, and the name Charlie Palmer Steak graces only four restaurants in the country. Reno is fortunate to have one of these, located in Grand Sierra Resort and Casio. Charlie Palmer Steak's elegantly modern dining room features walls of blond wood, mica and leather accents, earth-toned fabrics — and a huge, breathtaking metal chandelier that truly is a sculptural work of art.

General manager Tommy Cortopassi ensures guests experience impeccable service, while executive chef David Holman provides the culinary artistry that brings diners to the tables. Recently, Homan takes a break to tell us about what's going on gastronomically.

Diners expect certain classics at steakhouses. What's your approach to tradition?

We love to take those great flavors that everybody is accustomed to and really refine them — bring something new to the plate, make it amazing. One example is the dry-aged, bone-in New York strip we recently put on the menu. It's a totally different flavor and tenderness than the wet-aged beef, and it's really fabulous.

Lately, we've heard lots of buzz about your bread.

We're doing a housemade brioche. We bake them in little caste iron pans, in a dedicated oven, all evening. They come out of the oven fresh baked and go right to the guest, piping hot. Everybody's been raving about them.

Your menu is noted for seasonal specialties. What's new for fall and winter?

Cinderella pumpkins. Instead of just a butternut squash, we're using this heirloom pumpkin to fill little gnocchi. Also, citrus is great in wintertime so we're doing a dessert tart that combines really rich, dark chocolate with tangerine and orange juice and zest, Grand Marnier and a little orange liqueur in a housemade tart shell.

Another fabulous dish is foie gras with caramelized apples and a little Calvados reduction drizzled over. And of course, the ultimate seasonal treat is imported fresh truffles. Between Christmas and New Year's, we do truffle dishes the whole week: on our steaks, risotto, potatoes, any entrée. It's the only time of the year they're in season. It's like a year-end celebration.


Charlie Palmer Steak
In Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
2500 E. Second St.
Reno, NV 89595

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