Pizza. Whether it's served fresh out of a wood fire oven or the back seat of a 1995 Geo Metro delivery car, once it hits the taste buds, pizza is just always good.

It's a versatile choice. You could go with a flat crust or a thick crust. A veggie deluxe or an all-meat carnivore's delight. Either way you sway on the pizza scale, Reno has you covered.

While "Reno Style" may not roll off the tongue with as much bravado as New York or Chicago, we put up a big fight for such a little city. There are plenty of venues in Reno that tout a wide range of options for pizza-lovers. A few of which we'll share with you here.

Cafe' Alfresco in Atlantis Casino

Café Alfresco serves up brick-oven wood-fired pizzas, creative pastas and fresh salads. In addition, you'll find a vast selection of tasty sandwiches, grilled Paninis, hearty homemade minestrone and asparagus soups, freshly baked bread sticks and more than ten varieties of house-made gelato.

But back to the pizza. It's delicious. The crust is not too thin and not too thick. Being wood-fired, the flavors pop with a smoky hint on the back of the tongue. De-licious.

Cafe' Alfresco is located on main casino floor adjacent to Toucan Charlie's Buffet & Grill. Click here for more info on Cafe' Alfresco.

Eclipse Pizza Company

A quick disclaimer. This one's a family favorite of mine, so I'm biased here. Located in a cozy cabin-like space, this casual pizzeria offers an ambiance unlike any other in Reno. Located in the west side of town just shy of the foothills and a block from the roaring Truckee River, you feel like you're in a quaint village in Maine rather than downtown Reno (not that there's anything wrong with downtown Reno, but I'm just saying).

I mean, check this out (from their website):

If you look around, you will see pictures depicting cycling and running. Both activities have been a part of our lives for years. This restaurant epitomizes our passion for rigorous activities rewarded with a good pizza, fresh salad, and cold beer served in a casual and friendly setting.

How welcoming is that?! And that's what you want when you're having pizza, comfort. Am I wrong? So do yourself a favor and swing by Eclipse Pizza. Oh, and here's a hook-up from a local: Click here for Eclipse Pizza's "Secret Menu".

Noble Pie Parlor

Noble Pie, located on Arlington and Second St. right smack-dab in downtown Reno is a hip haunt offering oven-fired New York-style pizza, carefully sourced Italian dishes & craft beers. A short walk from most any hotel downtown, Noble Pie is a great spot rich with old-Reno charm. And they're open until the wee hours of the night (10am - 5am as of the time of this article), which is nice for the night owl. What better place for a midnight (or 2am, or 3am, etc.) snack?

Located in the underbelly of the historic art deco-style El Cortez Hotel (a movie with the same name, El Cortez, was filmed there in 2006, starring Lou Diamond Phillips - how awesome is that?!), it's a refreshing change of scenery from the strip mall pizza places of recent years. And if you want a fun read, check out their About Page here.

Southcreek Pizza Co.

If you've been to Naples, Italy, you know Neapolitan pizza. Southcreek Pizza Co. is one of th pizzerias in the United States who owns an imported Stefano Ferrara wood-fire brick oven

Wild Garlic Pizza and Pub

A short 10-minute drive or cab ride from downtown Reno, Wild Garlic is a nice place to break away with the family to. Located in Reno's historic Old Southwest neighborhood, Wild Garlic offers friendly service, plenty of space for the kids, and, of course, incredible pizza. With exposed brick walls, a warm atmosphere, and a fully-stocked bar, Wild Garlic serves generous portions. But the one thing that stands out is their crust. In my opinion, it's the best. Crust. In town. Hands down. It serves as its own self-contained soft, warm bread stick (they serve it with a selection of ranch, marinara sauce, or honey - all of which taste amazing as dipping sauces.

Afterwards, if you feel up to it, swing by next door to Coffeebar - a local, trendy coffee bar (obviously) that's open late with fantastic espresso and a regular schedule of live music. Learn more about Wild Garlic here.

Written by Jonas Ellison.

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