I love coffee. As a writer, it's my lifeblood. My fuel.

That said, it's pretty amazing to live in America's 7th most caffeinated city. It's nice to not have to walk more than a few blocks in this town before running into a coffee shop.

As both a highly-caffeinated Renoite and a writer, I depend on these establishments as my office at times. If the experience is bad, my work suffers. And if my work suffers, my family doesn't pay the rent. When you think of it like that, I suppose you could say I depend on these places to live.

Ok. I may be exaggerating a bit. But the point is this: coffee is a big deal to a lot of people, maybe even to you. If you're planning on coming into town, whether you want to sit with friends and family to chat, break away to people-watch and zone out, or break out the laptop and get some work done - you're in luck in this town. I'm here to share with you a few of my favorites.

Here's what I came up with:

Hub Coffee Roasters, Riverside Drive -

We're going to start out hardcore here. The Hub is not for the meek. Housed in a beautiful brick building in the Powning District with a comfortable modern industrial flare and steps from the Truckee River, The Hub roasts their own beans here in town and are known as the no-nonsense connoisseurs of the craft. To confess, I used to like ample amounts of cream and sugar in my joe. The first time I came here and dressed my coffee up, I was faced with angry sneers from the baristas. I felt like I'd committed a grave sin. On my second cup, I conformed. I drank it black. And I was happily converted. Just a fair warning - seating can be a challenge at times because they do get busy. However, on nice days, their cobblestone patio is open with ample seating. If you have a refined taste and want quality, scenic beauty, and strong, rich, locally roasted coffee mere steps from downtown - The Hub is your place. (They also have a shop in Midtown, I just prefer the Riverside location.)

Starbucks, McCarran and Lakeside

I know what you're thinking... Starbucks?! Although I'm not typically a huge fan of Starbucks, what's nice about them is they're typically reliable and consistent (with solid WiFi). But this particular Starbucks has an added element for us laptop-luggers. It has crazy amounts of space to sit and dig into work. After seeing a trend of Starbucks' going a different direction (cramped seating to discourage people parking their butts there all day after buying one cup of coffee), I was refreshed to see this location to do the opposite. It feels more like a co-working space rather than a coffee shop. With plenty of outlets for charging your gear to comfy benches, seats, and ample lighting - this is a great spot to get stuff done in comfort.


Coffeebar is relatively new in town, but after a full remodel (the space used to be occupied by BiBo coffee), I have to say, Coffeebar is doing a mighty fine job caffeinating the heck out of Reno. In the historic, charming, quiet neighborhood setting of the Old Southwest, you'll experience a refreshing side of Reno - just out of arm's reach of the busyness of downtown. Often catering to a younger professional crowd, Coffeebar strikes the perfect balance of quaint and friendly, while still buzzing with energy of people collaborating, laughing, and getting stuff done on their laptops. They offer a wide choice of pastries and snack food (and occupy the same building as Wild Garlic Pizza - amazing), WiFi for days, plenty of seating, and, personally, my favorite coffee in town.

Cafe Alfresco - Atlantis Casino

Yes, it's true. A casino with an intimate coffee shop setting (and great food). Before checking this place out, I figured they'd make things as uncomfortable as possible to get me to go gamble. But nothing's farther from the truth. Nice, big, comfy lounge seating with large tables, amazing food, and free WiFi, the Atlantis has nailed it with Cafe Alfresco. It's got a nice, energetic buzz with a friendly staff and really good coffee. The decor is casual and bright. As uncomfortable as I thought it might be, comfortable is actually the word that best describes it. For a great coffee experience without ever having to leave your hotel on a snowy winter Reno day, Cafe Alfresco is the place to get your brew on.

Written by Jonas Ellison.

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