It all started as a fun getaway for Richard “Frosty” Frost and friends but now the group is on its 16th consecutive year of traveling from around the country to the Biggest Little City to play Nevada’s most popular jackpot, Megabucks. With more than 160 friends having participated over the years, the group has made Silver Legacy Resort Casino their own adult playground. Though Frosty has passed along the planner’s hat to another member of the group, he and some of his closest pals returned to Reno once again on Thursday, Feb. 11.

“Silver Legacy treats me and my constituents like real people. They have been very, very nice to me and they take good care of our group,” said Frosty. “Everybody there has been just great; from casino hosts to gaming directors. It’s just a tremendous place to be. I wouldn’t want to be any other place.”

Frosty’s group of gamblers started with six or seven people each throwing $100 into the pot and pulling the handle for a piece of the million-dollar Megabucks pie. Now, more than a decade later, nearly $15,000 is put into the IGT machine each year on the group’s behalf.

Media is invited to follow Frosty and his pals, also known as “one of the biggest and happiest families,” as they try to become the country’s newest millionaires.

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