Circus Circus Reno has consistently taken great pride in its sustainability steps. With the single stream recycling program initiated in 2015, electronic waste and scrap metal, Circus Circus Reno recycled 555,904 pounds of recyclables.

Broken down, 235,000 pounds were in the single stream recycling, which includes plastic, aluminum and paper. 206,200 pounds of cardboard, 61,400 pounds of shredded paper, 15,140 pounds of plastic, 24,164 pounds of electronic waste and 14,000 pounds of scrap metal were recycled. This diverted 17% of our waste from the landfill. Circus Circus Reno has set the goal and the challenge to its employees to raise that amount and divert 25% of the waste from the landfill using the recycling programs and educating the importance to its employees.

The sustainability efforts do not stop there. LED lights have replaced conventional lights in most of the property, including parking garages, basement area, retail stores and restaurants. LEDs use far less energy, 50% less than the conventional kind. This decision will reduce the carbon footprint.

“LED lighting is the way of the future. In the next five years it will be in all of our homes,” said Mike Miller, Chief Engineer for Circus Circus. “Our employees care about our impact on the environment, and that is why LED was chosen over conventional incandescent lighting. Not only does it save energy but it is the right thing to do.”

Traveling up with an electric car? No problem! Circus Circus has four electric car charging stations conveniently located in the North Parking Garage near the freeway off-ramp. Hotel guests who have one of these electric cars can park at one of the pumps and charge away!

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