The American Lung Association honors Bill Paganetti and his family for their green initiatives at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino during the 2016 Honor Award Dinner on Jan. 16 at the Peppermill. Leading into the Peppermill’s 45th anniversary, the resort has dedicated time and money to establishing a leading clean and healthy air initiative.

The American Lung Association is dedicated to ensuring an environment of healthy and safe air, outdoors and indoors, across Nevada. The newly developed clean air program at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino removes 123,400 cubic feet per minute of smoke-laden air from the casino floor through a leading energy recovery ventilation system.

“The American Lung Association is honored to present this award to a leading partner in this important initiative,” said Frankie Vigil, executive director of American Lung Association in Nevada. “We hope that through this dinner we are able to raise awareness of the necessity and ease of implementing projects like this across Nevada.”

Data from the Peppermill’s research on the effectiveness of last year’s clean-air project shows a major return on investment for the resort’s $600,000 venture into clean resort air. The yearlong study, conducted in 2014-15, showed a massive $131,615 savings in electrical energy usage and 866.47 metric tons of CO2 emissions savings from previous years. The savings comes from nine Greenwich ERV units installed on the casino floor that recover 78 percent of the energy used to clean the air.

The ERV units use both outside and inside air to mix 123,400 CFM of fresh air to the casino floor while simultaneously removing the interior stale air. Previously, the Peppermill only took in outside air. Harnessing inside and outside air creates a dramatically improved casino environment and energy savings, and now allows for 100 percent fresh air intake, 24 hours a day.

This clear air filtration program adds to the resort’s growing list of green initiatives. Additional efforts include: Peppermill’s water preservation projects such as laundry water reclamation and conservation programs saving the local environment over 5 million gallons of wasted water each year. The resort also is the only property in the nation to have an on-site geothermal system, which provides enough geothermal energy to heat all domestic and mechanical water on property.

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