The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino is hosting Jason Somerville’s exclusive Run It Up Reno Poker Event Oct. 20-25.

Run It Up Reno, the first official Run It Up event, puts an emphasis on events beyond the poker table with celebrity guest appearances, UFC athlete-hosted morning workouts, “Survivor” viewing party hosted by former “Survivor” contestants Rob Mariano and Tyson Apostol and special Run It Up games, contests and prizes.

"The Run It Up Reno series is unlike anything that has ever really existed before in poker," Somerville said. "For me, Run It Up Reno is not just about playing poker, but also having a fun experience from the get go. I'm trying to invite a variety of interesting people that are going to come and make the event special regardless of how your poker goes, regardless whether or not your aces hold up during the tournament, you're still going to have a good time."

The main event hosted by Jason Somerville will be streamed live on Twitch TV at 1 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 25. Run It Up Reno features a $565 buy-in main event, a variety of $125 buy-in events, poker seminars by Jason Somerville and more.

For the entire six-day tournament schedule, click here.

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