Now that Reno casinos have ticket voucher systems for your gambling winnings instead of coins, do you find yourself saving your winnings more than you did before? Mark Pilarski answers a reader's question about what system made it easier to save their winnings.

Question: Dear Mark: Do you find it easier, or harder, to save winnings with these new ticket machines versus the older coin ones? George R.

Answer: Setting aside winnings from yesteryear meant you had to carry buckets of coins to the cashier to be counted. Today, it's ticket-in ticket-out technology, which pays players in bar-coded tickets. Casinos love these ticket-in ticket-out machines because they reduce the labor costs of slot personal, jam-up repairs, hopper fills, emptying the machines of coins, and the hard counting of those coins.

Cashing out your tickets and squirreling away vouchers instead of playing credits is a convenient way of preserving winnings, unless of course, you reach in your top left pocket for them. Coins nestled in a metal tray are just as easy to grab at.

Be it coins, or vouchers, you always want to cash out following any significant score so you can see those winnings converted into cold hard cash. The convenience of not lugging 50 pounds of coins to the cashier is a benefit of TITO machines. The discipline of not spending winnings, with whatever method, is all on you. I can't help you there.

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